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Websites Health Insurance Website review...

Discussion in 'Reviews' started by bkbarrier, Feb 1, 2010.

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  1. bkbarrier

    bkbarrier New Member

    I would appreciate any and all constructive comments about our site. Thank you for your time.

  2. navyfalcon

    navyfalcon Well-Known Member Verified Member

    <title> Free health quote - Buy online! </title>

    You have 33 characters (including spaces) in your title
    Google displays 66 characters (including spaces)
    Suggestion: get rid of the spaces before and after the title and
    remove the (!) then add a short description with the title
    It will help SEO (search engine optimization)

    <meta name="Description" content="Free health insurance quote. Shop the major carriers and purchase directly online with or without an insurance agent.">

    You have 118 characters (including spaces) in your description\
    Google displays 150 characters (including spaces) below your title
    Suggestion: remove the double space after the period (only need
    one space) and add some more to the description using some of your
    best keywords. Keywords are the words people use to search the net
    for the information they want or need.

    Below are some examples of other similar websites
    Check their site and source code for ideas
    Health Insurance - Affordable Health Insurance Quotes, Individual Health Insurance
    Health Insurance, Medical Insurance, Free Online Insurance Quotes, Affordable Individual, Group, Family Plans
    Health Insurance Quotes, Cheap & Affordable Health Insurance Plans, Medical Insurance
    Insurance Quotes - Compare Quotes and Save | UsInsuranceOnline.com
    Health Insurance Rates: Healthcare Insurance Quotes
    Individual Health Insurance | Affordable Medical Insurance - Celtic Insurance
    Find HEALTH INSURANCE QUOTES in your area!
    hope this helps
  3. TheWomensGame

    TheWomensGame New Member


    The key to a good website is organisation and navigation. If you want people to stick around, you have to make it easy for them to find what they need and they will come back again next time.

    Aesthetics, Eye Appeal & Personality

    At the moment, this hasn't really been done to the best of its ability. You need a better colour palette. Your colours will set the tone of your website. Is it funky and fresh, is it classical, is slick and minialmist? Right now it says "free website done with a generic site builder". With a health insurance website that's NOT what you want it to be saying.

    The following websites have a definite tone and that has been set by their colour palette:

    HBF Health Insurance | Private Health Insurance & General Insurance | HBF - classic and simple
    Medibank Private Health Insurance - Compare, Quote & Join Online - playful and family
    Private Health Insurance - Health Care provider MBF offers best value health insurance solutions - funky and young

    So, sort out your market (singles, families, retirees, career people). Work on that get three or four colours that are in harmony and use those throughout the site. At the moment, the blues clash and the green down the bottom seems an afterthought.

    Design & Layout

    For this kind of site, graphics are not important. People are going there for information and they want to find it quickly and easily.

    So therefore your layout is crucial.

    Let's look at the panels.

    Top - It's a nice idea to have the contact details on top but you are sacrifing the ability of the viewer to find things, which is more crucial. There is a reason that a majority of sites have their navagation bar at the top. Humans are lazy and eye level is always where we look first!

    So get a navigation bar at the top with easy labels (eg, Home, About Us, How it Works, Carriers, Articles, Network Blog). It's not hard but it will help the accessibility of the site.

    Side - Keep important information away from side bars. Again its about human nature, if its not in our line vision, well then we "might" use our perpipherial vision but god forbid we turn our heads. In fact most of the good sites don't bother with a side bar unless its decorative.

    I do like the fact that you have kept it all simple and uncluttered.

    Reader Usability

    If you can change your layout a bit it will increase your reader usability a hundred fold. I want you to take me through the process from point A - B and I don't want to have to work very hard to do so.

    The site is about website quotes, tell me straight up how long it takes, how many steps I have to go through. If you tell me it's only 4 steps or 2 mins I think, that's not too bad. It's a fast food world so make it quick and easy for us.

    I like that you have no annoying flash or fluro colour words, Respect.


    The functionality is good. The buttons do what they purport to do. The style of the forms are nice. Maybe try and get that same feel throughout the website.

    Page Source

    I don't touch this because navyfalcon does an excellent job on this section.

    Final Thoughts

    The only things letting you down are the feel and organisation. Pick a market, know the market and make the website cater to that market in look. Also, ensure that viewers can navigate the easily and you should be sweet.
  4. navyfalcon

    navyfalcon Well-Known Member Verified Member

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