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Websites Gaming CLan

Discussion in 'Reviews' started by Teigen, Jul 10, 2011.

  1. iPlay

    iPlay New Member

    I like the look and feel of the site, however the forums does not fit inline with the theme.
  2. NXG50k

    NXG50k New Member

    i love the look and feel of your site.i like the way you have your roster set up but one thing i do have to say is some of your links don't work.ill give you a 8 out of 10....good job
  3. NXG50k

    NXG50k New Member

    I think the site looks great, I see alot of stuff I wish I could or knew how to put into my site. Good luck with your clan and site.
  4. gennady7

    gennady7 New Member

    Your website looks amazing. The graphics, layout and design are very nice. I know others have mentioned it, but the links on the bottom don't seem to work, instead the page just reloads. Another small detail, the box below the welcome, the text is slightly smaller and harder to read compared to rest of the content size. I would either change the font or the size.

    Good luck with site, it really looks great.
  5. a3578681@nepwk.com

    a3578681@nepwk.com New Member

    The site looks very nice, i like the dark background, it works very good with a gaming website.

    However, in IE 8 there is an section, with the forum register link in it, which is black. Try to look after it with IE8. With Firefox 6 it's showing up properly.
    Tip: don't use mailto: links on your website, you are going to get loads of spam.
  6. Justin Hardy

    Justin Hardy Member

    As a gamer I thought I should find this interesting.

    It matches most other clan/gaming/forum sites. Which I suppose isnt a bad thing. Colours are good - images great - graphics are great too.

    Unfortunately I cant open any menus apart from the rosta, so I cant comment any further.

    Hope that helps!!
  7. ElPwno

    ElPwno New Member

    The servers page looks very unattractive, yet the homepage is eye-catching and professional looking. Try to put the same effort into the other pages too. The steam link is broken, The forums and Ranks pages I suppose are still in progress. Very nice color coordination and effects. It has very well organized information and a nice layout.

    Scripting 9/10
    Completeness 7/10
    Straight-to-the-point 10/10
    Cleanness 9/10
    Eye candy HOME PAGE: 10/10 OTHER: 7/10
    Layout 8/10
    Average: 8.6/10