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Websites Gaming CLan

Discussion in 'Reviews' started by Teigen, Jul 10, 2011.

  1. Teigen

    Teigen New Member

    Hi Everyone!

    I`m just going to post my website here, It actually is a forum, instead of a proper website.

    United Leet Gamers is a Multi-gaming clan. We base our gameplay on Counter-Strike: Source, within Css we play and host servers for War, Deathmatch and Zombiemod. We will Host more in the future

    Anyway, what do you think of the forums look?


    If anyone would make a "home setion" template/style for the site, it would been very awesome. then i could move the forums to like united-leet-gamers.com/forums. :D haha, meh that was just offtopic

  2. BoboBarlow

    BoboBarlow New Member

    Link doesn't work.
  3. tomw

    tomw Member

    The link works now but looks like the site is work in progress. For example, the search box is overlapping the menu items.
  4. Teigen

    Teigen New Member

    Weird, looks perfectly fine here. What size of monitor do you use? and/or resolution.

    btw, is the "request template" section being opened again?
  5. tomw

    tomw Member

    Ok, it looks fine as long as the browser size is correctly set but you should not expect that from everyone so you have taken care of it within your design.

    Request template is closed pending on a new version of the website so stay tuned.
  6. Abitha

    Abitha New Member

    I find some green coloured text on the Advanced search menu.
  7. PhotoJ_ay

    PhotoJ_ay New Member

    I think the forum looks and functions pretty great. The biggest thing I am not liking is the background can be distracting to text materials at times. While I understand the need for such a background, maybe, try taming it down a bit?

    Design, layout and usability all look and function pretty good to me from the few links and menus I used.

    Something to make note of is that no where on the website can one look up what the forum is for that might not be a part of the gaming world. To someone that doesn't "game" they would likely be confused about the purpose of the forum. Im not sure if it would matter since that wouldn't be your target audience anyways but something to consider maybe putting in the FAQ section of the website.

    And going back and forth to the website again the background graphics are giving me a hard time reading text from time to time. Some other things to consider are drop down flash menus for header sections and maybe make an obvious alert or something that draws people to a link in the header are of the site that is on every page that directs people to make applications for membership since the site is new.

    Hope this little mini review helps. Your end users should be pretty happy I think. A few more tweaks are all that are needed.
  8. josephperkins

    josephperkins New Member

    Your site is looking great and perfect . Your theme of this site and background also great. Nice and great work.
  9. coogan82

    coogan82 New Member

    firstly the background you are using is fantastic i really think this works well and looks great to people using the site i do think maybe change the text colour from white though as sometimes it looks a liitle blended. going through the diffrent tabs i found the site sleek and very easy to use does excacly what it says on the tin sort of thing, im impressed well done.
  10. Teigen

    Teigen New Member


    I`m going to look into the colors that looks a bit wrong! I appreciate your thoughts here:)

    I`m looking forward to get the ability to request a little website template.

    I have tried to learn some html coding and stuff, but I`m still new to that part so I wont try to do anything that big yet. If anyone would make me one, I could happily assist with things when it comes to Photoshop. I am experienced with that;)

    Best regards,

  11. household61974

    household61974 New Member

    As mentioned above, text could definitely stand to be larger. Also, I have no idea what the game is about, but my general feeling was depression and deep darkness when I opened it. Who wants to feel that way at ANY time? It's one thing to "get into character", it's another to feel "blah" or down when you open a game forum.

    When I went from the home page to the "Clanshop" tab, and every tab thereafter, I was nearly blinded going from black to the white. How about using grey so it's not such an extreme change?
  12. Teigen

    Teigen New Member

    I`ve recently exchanged the style. The previous was a very much Zombie inspired style. I`m working on the colors, also There will be some hints on the style, such like Css logo and more.
  13. song

    song New Member

    I really like the layout of the site. Its very clean. My only complaint is the dark blue makes it hard to see the text.
  14. rainv99

    rainv99 New Member

    Very nice website, looks very good and clean. Very good exsample how a website should look like.
  15. Teigen

    Teigen New Member

    Thanks, It used to be a forum, but i made a html website for it.

    Glad to hear the positive reviews! :)

    It`s not done yet but i hope i soon can fix it and finish it. Still noob when it comes to coding :p
  16. Gerry0587

    Gerry0587 New Member

    Nice graphics!!!
  17. Teigen

    Teigen New Member

    thanks a lot ! :D
  18. VeyronQ

    VeyronQ Member

    i cant seem to enter the "RANK" tab
    any problems with that?
    great site, gives me a relaxing feeling though its a gaming site. but still awesome colours/graphics.
  19. BillyC

    BillyC New Member

    The designing interface is just awesome, it looks you have worked a lot on front - end.......... Though few of the links are not working properly, they are not opening......... Another prime issue is, due use of lot of .js files and flash it is taking a lot of time to open; which in SEO context not a good example....... :) :)

  20. bgleague

    bgleague New Member

    I like the counter-strike used to play myself, It looks pretty amazing thus far though :) keep up the good work.