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Legacy Friends Team needing logo for amateur league.

Discussion in 'Archived' started by javierluces, Dec 14, 2012.

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  1. javierluces

    javierluces New Member

    I would like to thank you for just reading this!

    I've seen the job done around here and its awesome!

    1) What is the exact name you would like in your logo?
    The exact text that you want in your logo. Include other details like
    positioning, if you need it done in a certain way.

    Calambre XI F.C.
    It would be great also to have the "2012" text under the logo.

    2) What is your website address (ex: http:/site .com/; Site Name)?
    If the logo is to be displayed on your website, style, colouring and background
    blend needs to be taken into consideration.

    Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/CalambreXIFC
    League page: http://www.ligamvd.com

    3) Description of your website or business:
    Another aid for our graphics people in deciding on an appropriate style design.

    A group of friends at work decided to create a team to play at sundays. Just that, football, beers and having a good time.

    4) Search the Internet for any logos/designs on the web that you feel convey
    the style you are looking for?
    Either post small images of the logo designs (please keep any posted graphics under 600 x 600 pixels) or the URL of where the image/s can be found.
    By supplying this info you are helping our graphics people get an idea of the preferred 'style'
    you are looking for.
    upload the graphics and explain what it is about them you like, be as descriptive as you can.
    We will not guess as to what is on your mind.

    I will leave it to the designers choice.

    5) Requested size of your logo:
    Basically we ask this to determine the graphics resolution and what it will be eventually used for.
    Is the logo to be used solely for the web? (low resolution)
    Will it be made into a poster or printed on shirts? (high resolution)

    High resolution would be great as we are going to have it printed in our shirts.

    6) Do you have any images/photos that can be used for the logo? (must be copyright free)
    Finding an appropriate, non-copyrighted graphic is the hardest and most time-consuming part
    of putting together logos. If you have a hand drawn sketch of what you want, please feel
    free to scan it and post the image.
    (please keep any posted graphics under 600 x 600 pixels.)
    Don't have your own but you require graphic in your logo, then search and find at least two that reflect what you are visualizing post them or a link and explain what it is about them you like, be as descriptive as you can.

    No, but may be a beer mug or a bottle next to a ball.

    7) What logo styles do you like (text only, image only, text and image, etc.)?
    This will help the designers know what type of logo styles you are into and will create your
    logo accordingly.
    Text Only - Includes a text only logo which is a logo with just text and some extra effects.
    Image only – Includes and image logo with no text (or little text such as initials)
    Text and Image – Includes text and images used in your logo. This could be used to either
    give a clearer view of what your logo is showing to your audience.

    Text and Image

    8) What colors do you want to see in your logo?
    State any main colours that you would like in your logo.

    Black and Orange (may be white for 2012 text).

    9) What colors do you NOT want to see in your logo?
    State any colours that you do not want in your logo.

    Blue, green, violet, anyone out of the orange and black palettes.

    10) Describe the target audience for your logo
    This will help the designers to create a logo based at your target audience (e.g Kids – Colourful, eye-catching, possibly characters)

    Our friends, team rivals and all the people who visit the league website.

    11) What are the top 3 things you would like to communicate through your logo?
    This will help the designer know how to design your logo and to what effect.
    (e.g could be targeted to attract new businesses, gamers, newly weds, children,
    builders etc etc)

    The spirit of the team, friendship.
    The team colours.
    The Name of the team.

    12) Where will your logo be used (print, website, etc.)?
    This will help the designers know which format to create the logo in. You will not
    have to decide yourself as all designers will know. Please note down everything that
    your logo will be placed on which includes any future plans.
    Failure to do so will result in a bad quality logo.

    Printed in the shirts, facebook, the league website. (both sites posted in #2)

    13) Do you have other info or links you want to share?
    Please feel free to comment on anything else that you would like your logo to have if it has
    not been mentioned above.

    We work for a software entrerprise, may be the designer can come with something related but not required.

    14) Finally we need is there a style font you prefer, please let us know.
    For font types you can look here daFont or one of the many Font Websites available.

    I leave that to the designer. No comis sans, but something classy for football logos.

    Thank you very much,

  2. chrixiss

    chrixiss New Member

  3. ishkey

    ishkey Moderator, Logos, Sports Crests Staff Member Verified Member

    javierluces - if you look around the forum and try to help out, as the sticky post recommends, I'll try to post up something in a few days.
    You being a web developer with all your experience, I'm sure you could be of help somewhere.
  4. javierluces

    javierluces New Member

    Thanks for your image, but as you say, we would prefer something more classy.

    Of course! I will try to help in anything I can in the forum! Thank you very much!
  5. chrixiss

    chrixiss New Member

    could you give an example, of what kind of logo you are looking for
  6. ishkey

    ishkey Moderator, Logos, Sports Crests Staff Member Verified Member

    Thanks for helping out javierluces, here’s a couple for you to look at.
    I used the shield style you had posted on Facebook and created old world and new world.
    Old style soccer balls and new style ball which I guess could represent software enterprise related, as I'm no sure what that general term adheres to.
    Same with the Fonts, Old and New with slight differences.
    Went with the established beer mug style as it is recognizable around the world. (being I'm in the USA - not sure what you drink out of!)
    Let me know which one you like - take your time - I'll be back on later.

    Mimoun, javierluces and CovertPea like this.
  7. javierluces

    javierluces New Member

    They are amazing! Let me share them with the rest of the team and will tell you which one we choose!

    Thank you very much!
  8. javierluces

    javierluces New Member

    First of all thank you both of you for your work!

    Second, sorry for the delay but I was on vacation and got back to work yesterday.

    chrixiss: as ishkey logo is ok. Something more football (soccer) classic.

    ishkey: as I said before, excellent work! I have some feedback from the rest of the team.

    The vote by now is:

    old_world - 6
    modern - 3

    Lot of teammates are on summer vacation down here but one of them created a logo inspired in yours. (see attached)

    May be what we can introduce to both of them (old_world & modern) is the slogan below.

    It says: "Como me gusta la noche" (How I like the night)

    And to the modern design It would be great if the ball is a bit centered and the beer mug behind it, like the attached one. Don't know if you have access to Helvetica Neue or Universal fonts, but they will look amazing in the modern design too.

    Hope that serve as feedback!

    Thank you very much!

    Attached Files:

  9. Clint Davies

    Clint Davies Member

    I like those !
  10. 1970Forest

    1970Forest Moderator Staff Member

    Been a while since doing something like this, so gave it a go.....

    Ish, very nice work mate by the way

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  11. javierluces

    javierluces New Member

    Great work too!!!

    The team will decide!

    Thank you very much!
  12. javierluces

    javierluces New Member

    1970Forest, the team has chosen yours! Thank you very much to all for your time!
  13. 1970Forest

    1970Forest Moderator Staff Member


    PM me your e-mail and I will send the files you need.

    Also missed of the '2012' which I have added below and removed the water mark

    javierluces likes this.
  14. javierluces

    javierluces New Member

    We like it very much! I sent you the email via PM.

    Thanks a lot!
  15. javierluces

    javierluces New Member

    1970Forest, I sent you a PM. As soon as you are available, can you send me the files?

  16. 1970Forest

    1970Forest Moderator Staff Member

    I sent files last week, will double check and re-send
    javierluces likes this.
  17. javierluces

    javierluces New Member

    Our shirts are finally printed and the logo is there!!!

    Thank you very much 1970Forest!!!

    488148_449488151800399_1361416731_n.jpg 906330_449488318467049_733933720_o.jpg
    CovertPea likes this.
  18. 1970Forest

    1970Forest Moderator Staff Member

    Thanks again for the private -mail (and all the photo's)
    Love seeing clubs / teams etc sharing after they have had designs made up into the real thing!!!
    Play hard, have fun.....and a few beers on the side

    Keep us posted
  19. javierluces

    javierluces New Member

    1970Forest and all you guys!

    These are the links of our Fan Page in Facebook and also the official page of the league we are playing.


    You can see the beautiful logo predesigned by one of our players and perfectly executed by 1970Forest.

    We didn't start the championship with good results but always a cold beer waiting for us at the end of the match is much more than 3 points for us!

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