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Others Free Theme Butterfly for RazorCMS

Discussion in 'Free HTML Templates' started by sensitiv, Feb 18, 2009.

  1. sensitiv

    sensitiv New Member

    An interesting CMS, as it is free, small and doesn´t need a database is the Open Source CMS RazorCMS (http://razorcms.co.uk/)

    Its really small CMS, and allows quick and efficient editing of websites.

    Also creating templates is pretty easy.

    I have done a few templates now, and the second one I´like to show here is "Butterfly". Personally I like that very much, this nice butterfly on the blue background.

    The site itself where I use it for is about wigs http://www.kk-wigtec.de (Sorry folks, German). So jusT to say that ...
    Its availabe there for download

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  2. dkndkn

    dkndkn New Member


    yes we used the cms several times, it is very comfortable for the backend users. Sometimes a little bit to difficult to administrate the themes. Installing between 2 und 3 hours included a theme, there are some good tutorials using it.

    BR DKN
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  3. legendbuild

    legendbuild New Member