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Hosting Free Shoutcast Hosting

Discussion in 'Free Services' started by jesta, Jun 26, 2006.

  1. lupek4

    lupek4 New Member

    free shoutcast demo poland

    radio.ipip.cz - free 40 slot , 100 free port

    radyjko.net - 999 slot , 64kbps 22,050khz stero ,

    DEMO radyjko.net

    1.) radyjko.net/panel

    2.)Port: 32527 (Podaj numer portu: )
    3.)Pass: 030af30cd (Podaj aktualne hasło: )

    4.)Zostałeś poprawnie zalogowany jako DEMO LUPEK! Kliknij tutaj aby przejść do panelu administratora.

    5.) Włącz/Wyłącz serwer

    6.) Uruchom serwer ( *włączony* - ON *wyłączony* - OFF )

    7.) 32527Serwer radia freewebsitetemplates został poprawnie uruchomiony! :)

  2. ob1100

    ob1100 New Member

    I am offering 2 more free accounts. PM me here and I will create accounts for you (25 listener 64kbps account). For those of you who got an account and never used it it has been terminated.

    The free accounts must be used and be online for at least 1/2 the month or it will be terminated. We ask that if you receive a free account you either advertise (audio) or link on your website to our site.
  3. ob1100

    ob1100 New Member

    1 free account left.

  4. metalnet

    metalnet New Member

    Ok i agree
    please give me one
  5. Fiendly

    Fiendly New Member

    If this is still available I'll be gladly to accept.
  6. metalnet

    metalnet New Member

    oh... im not understand about languange...
    in english pls :(:)confused::confused:
  7. ob1100

    ob1100 New Member

    All 2 free accounts taken. I will give 2 more out next month.
  8. macaws

    macaws New Member

    I found this new site: free.freeshoutcast.com I am using it and its very good
    the free servers are in France, i looked it up myself. Hurry, the free servers are filling up fast. I launched my second one, and it was hundreds of ports away from my first.
  9. SriKolla

    SriKolla New Member

    Free ShoutCast

    Hi, if u have any free accounts i'll be glad to have one... pls pm me...:)
  10. grodt718

    grodt718 New Member


    I know a website where you can also get domains for cheap and i will tell..lol...no commissions here... visit website.ws maybe this can help!!

    Your post has been edited, this thread is for services that are "Free" - not cheap.

    Mod ;)
  11. ob1100

    ob1100 New Member

    4 more free shoutcast accounts

    I am giving away 4 shoucast accounts this month. 25 Listener limit up 64kbps per listener.

    1: You may only sign up for 1 account.
    2: You must use your account at least 20days out of the month.
    3: You must promote my website in your stream description (powered by www.UnderGroundHosting.com)

    Sign up below. When asked for payment option leave blank.


    If you get an out of stock message all 4 account were registered.