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Hosting Free Shoutcast Hosting

Discussion in 'Free Services' started by jesta, Jun 26, 2006.

  1. Seany

    Seany New Member

    soz rong topic

    soz rong topic
  2. Riley

    Riley New Member

    i have no clue what to do. and there is no free domain
  3. BandPro

    BandPro New Member

    Hey Riley

    If you want to broadcast using listen2, download winamp and the "source" DSP plug-in. Should work then!
  4. DjWookie

    DjWookie New Member

    Pls Tell meeee :D
  5. Terrum

    Terrum New Member

  6. kathyper

    kathyper New Member

    Free hosting sounds attractive :)
  7. HJM

    HJM New Member


    i have the answer.

    theres a new site launching in september called your-free-radio.com

    you get a domain all set up with radio installed and cpanel
    FREE shoutcast server with up to 100 listners (basic package)
    64kbps badwidth with basic package
    live help with any problems
    free broadcast software tutorials
    much more
    the embedded player on your site runs off windows media player so compatable with internet explorer and firefox
    if you have got a domain already you can just get a shoutcast.

    all for free and for an unlimited period of time.

    check your-free-radio.com in september
  8. ob1100

    ob1100 New Member

    4 shoutcast accounts available

    I do shoutcast and web hosting and will give out 4 accounts 25 listener slot limits per account up to 128kbps stream.

    Terms: You must advertise my hosting service either in audio format or a hyperlink on your site.

    If intrested please reply.
  9. mp3kid

    mp3kid New Member

    hi there am looking for your free shoutcast i have a domain all i need is free shoutcast am willing to put a link on my site
  10. ob1100

    ob1100 New Member

    Sent you PM

    3 left
  11. bigfrik

    bigfrik New Member

    Hi im interested!! if the offer is still on! :D
  12. ob1100

    ob1100 New Member

    check your PM

    2 left.
  13. Mr_Diabloo

    Mr_Diabloo New Member


    can u give me one please please :D
  14. ob1100

    ob1100 New Member

    PM sent

    1 left
  15. sparcy

    sparcy New Member

    hi im interested
    will put a link or a banner on my site as soon as its ready

  16. ob1100

    ob1100 New Member

    Check your PM

    4 of 4 accounts gone.
  17. dj_jayone

    dj_jayone New Member

    i'm ready

    hey, i'm willing to do business with you...i have alot of listeners on my radio and even on my website..you can email me at info@radiosensationfm.com
    or go to www.radiosensationfm.com.. i also do web design service so, let's do some business.
  18. BandPro

    BandPro New Member

    Dang!.......just missed the free server!! Could have used it too!

    Maybe next time.......
  19. metalnet

    metalnet New Member

    Yes Im interested please get 1 for me ...
    thank :D
  20. gilsonmorais

    gilsonmorais New Member

    which address? says there