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Food online template

Discussion in 'Free Website Templates' started by Mimoun, Mar 4, 2007.

  1. Mimoun

    Mimoun Administrator Staff Member Director Verified Member

    Food online template.

    Click on the image to view in real size:


    The website template will work perfectly with all modern browsers.
    Tested with:
    What is included:
    HTML file
    CSS file
    Sliced PSD file (Photoshop source design)
  2. Connor

    Connor Moderator / Programmer

    Nice template, but I don't think that the whole box thing acctually works for this template.... but the images look real good... Maybe a border would have done a little good.
  3. neweditor5

    neweditor5 New Member

    i actually downloaded this template but there is only one page there?
  4. lmfrench

    lmfrench New Member

    All of the templates available here are one page templates...if you want more pages you have to create them...
  5. skandal

    skandal New Member

    Footer Problem


    First of all can I say what a great template this is. It is exactly what I was looking for.

    The only thing is I am having a problem amending it. Whenever I add or change any of the text the footer moves in between the welcome and online booking boxes (see example attached). This happens regardless of where I change the text, eg the logo, the menus, the welcome text or the special menu text. It can be something as subtle as change Food to Good in the logo at the top, when absolutely nothing else has been touched!!.

    Although I am used to building webpages with tables this will be the first time using css for the layout of the page, so apologies if I'm missing some glaringly obvious solution to my problem.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Many Thanks,


    Attached Files:

  6. lmfrench

    lmfrench New Member

    Post your code...we can't really tell what you are doing wrong with a picture. So just post what code you have and we will be able to tell.
  7. jordan333

    jordan333 New Member

    Are all the free templates made by the same person or different moderators at this site? This one is great.
  8. Linx

    Linx Member

    I like the template!
    It is so stylish, well presented and organized!

    Keep it up!
    Good luck!
  9. emilypal

    emilypal New Member

    I think you should improve the picture in the header. I mean the part of this picture displaying a hand holding a glass of wine.
    At the same time I really enjoyed colors and navigation.
  10. hostdaddy

    hostdaddy New Member

    This one is ok.. a little too much red/orange though!
  11. Reddwarfnz

    Reddwarfnz New Member

    Hi ....first great template:) second i'm a newb and havin trouble with the form it will send the email fine but it is blank no text from the form......this is the code hope u can help:::
    <h2>Online booking</h2>
    <form action="mailto:lifeisadr@gmail.com" method="get" name="OnlineBooking" accept-charset="utf-8" target="_blank">
    <table border="0" cellspacing="2" cellpadding="0">
    <tr><th>Name</th><td><input type="text" name="a" value="" class="text" /></td></tr>
    <tr><th>Email/Phone</th><td><input type="text" name="b" class="text" value="" /></td></tr>
    <tr><th>Date</th><td><input type="text" name="c" value="" class="text" /></td></tr>
    <tr><th>Members</th><td><input type="text" name="d" value="" class="text" /></td></tr>
    <select name="e">
    <option value="dinner">Dinner</option>
    <option value="drinks">Drinks</option>
    <tr><td class="submission" colspan="2"><input type="submit" name="s" value="Submit" /></td></tr>
  12. moneymagnet

    moneymagnet New Member

    Thanks for the template

    Dear Administrator,

    Thank you for this template. You fulfilled my wants as well. You see, I am actually running a recipe site. For this kind deed, I will put a link on the front of the page to your Web site!

  13. Sakari

    Sakari New Member

    All templates would have one page.another pages you will create ourself. use that templates and update in that templates according to requirement.

    web development
    free templates
  14. Radamel

    Radamel New Member

    Colour selection and images are perfect.
    Can I use this one freely or do I pay money to use it?
  15. talal 4u

    talal 4u New Member

    thanx my friend
  16. Angel1881

    Angel1881 New Member

    Hi ....first great template second i'm a newb and havin trouble with the form it will send the email fine but it is blank no text from the form...... hope u can help me.
  17. ykashar

    ykashar New Member

    Good and nice template
  18. gwnhwyvar

    gwnhwyvar New Member

    I think it's really nice - and you could change-out the picture if you don't like it - looks very customizable to me, but i haven't tried yet. Thanks!
  19. reganstar

    reganstar New Member

    Beautiful template. Thank you for source code!
  20. sonalex00

    sonalex00 New Member