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Fashion hut template

Discussion in 'Free Website Templates' started by Mimoun, Mar 16, 2007.

  1. Mimoun

    Mimoun Administrator Staff Member Director Verified Member

    Fashion hut template.

    Click on the image to view in real size:


    The website template will work perfectly with all modern browsers.
    Tested with:
    What is included:
    HTML file
    CSS file
    Sliced PSD file (Photoshop source design)
  2. lmfrench

    lmfrench New Member

    Excellent template! :)
  3. paul374

    paul374 New Member

    thats one of my most favourites yet, mimoun, keep up the good work
  4. lello

    lello New Member

    thanks... great work... :D
  5. lizhou2526

    lizhou2526 New Member

    it's great!
  6. SudsMuffin

    SudsMuffin New Member

    That is the one I am now working with. It's a gorgeous design! Is there a way to make the images as clickable links?
  7. paganbliss

    paganbliss New Member

    Can't download Fashion Hut

    I can't download Fashion Hut, keep getting "file is invalid or corrupted" message, have deleted and tried again 3x now over 3 days but can't do it, any suggestions? :confused:
  8. charms1

    charms1 New Member

    New to the site. Great site and some great templates. I like this one and also the "clothes fashion".

    Are the background colors changable?

    I tried to post a request. Is that closed for good?


  9. bacadi

    bacadi New Member

    Hi I m using soholaunch website builder to build my website. Anyone heard of that? I like your templates. The templates they supplied are ugly. Does anyone know how to upload the template that I downloaded from here? They asked me to upload a zip file, but I did, it doesn't work.
  10. lmfrench

    lmfrench New Member

    I have heard of it, but haven't used it. Let me go take a peek at it and study it a bit, then I will get back to you once I know for sure how it works. It should be either some time today or tomorrow (post here to remind me if I don't post anything by tomorrow, it means I have forgotten to come back and post the answer :) )
  11. koflash

    koflash Member

    really great one, thanks!
  12. emilypal

    emilypal New Member

    Nice template :eek: I liked the shadows displayed in the three pictures on the top of the page. I also believe it would be easy to browse the web site created by means of this template. Though to my mind it’s not necessary to place such pictures as pictures “women”, “kids”, “men”.
  13. Linx

    Linx Member

    Great work as always :)!
    I like the color pattern, that's a good solution! Good header and attractive high quality images do the job! Everything blends very well.

    Keep it on!
  14. Shaina

    Shaina New Member

    Cool Template!

    Good and perfect for a fashion blog.

    Nice work. Two thumbs up for you! ;)
  15. beiming2

    beiming2 New Member

    Thank you to share
  16. Venus

    Venus New Member

    I really like this template and would be great for my blog

    But, how do I edit it?
    Is there a specific package to use?


  17. sheenius007

    sheenius007 New Member

    Hello! First of all I want to thank you guys for this website, you're doing a great job:).

    My aunt asked me to make a front page for her kids clothingshop, the thing is she already has a webshop and it has been maked by someone else. I on the other hand only worked with joomla, sadly enough my aunt's website was not made with joomla. I think it is best to make a html page in Dreamweaver. In this homepage I can link to the webshop. Now I am trying to work with dreamweaver however even adjusting the template I got from this website was not easy for me. I want to use the fashion hut template with the following adjustments:
    1.Pink/black colour 2. Picturelink to Boys, Girls, Baby's and Accessories 3. blog in page or a link to the blog(blogger.com)& link to facebook and twitter. 4.Slideshow for new clothes 5.Tagcloud with brand names, and if you click on a brand it will go to a page with infomation about that brand.

    Is this even possible? And what's the best way to do it?