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Websites Done a lot since my last review - can I get another now

Discussion in 'Reviews' started by eVentureBiz, May 1, 2008.

  1. pezboy45

    pezboy45 Mod/Design & Coder [Pro]

    Where are your servers?
  2. ishkey

    ishkey Moderator, Logos, Sports Crests Staff Member Verified Member

    Hostmonster, Lunarpages, and 4 internal w/5130 Duo Core Intel Xeon
  3. pezboy45

    pezboy45 Mod/Design & Coder [Pro]

    I was talking to John, but ok.
  4. ishkey

    ishkey Moderator, Logos, Sports Crests Staff Member Verified Member

    to be 16 again...
  5. pezboy45

    pezboy45 Mod/Design & Coder [Pro]

    Wait, what?
  6. eVentureBiz

    eVentureBiz New Member

    Happy Memorial Day everyone! Uh, do you say "Happy" with that?

    My company makes use of the peer1 data centers.

    ...you guys crack me up!
  7. kathyper

    kathyper New Member

    I enjoyed visiting this site. If I'm not mistaken you've created it yourself and you did a great job. In fact your blog is very useful to read and it's written in a very interesting way. Thanks for building such a wonderful site
  8. cyberquest

    cyberquest New Member

    Well, I believe you know what I think.

    Number 9 - and its not a rating
  9. eVentureBiz

    eVentureBiz New Member

    @ kathyper - yes, I did create it myself. Part of the goal of our website is that its content is an extension of me.

    My vision from first conception of starting a hosting / web design business was I wanted to be different and a lot more personable. I went to dozens of hosting sites and everyone of them looked and/or felt the same way. They all felt corporate on some level. I did not want to be corporate.

    We decided with our company that we would come from another angle. I would be the front man, the leader of the band, the entrepreneur, the one who people see and can relate to.

    Like I said, it's a different angle and that's why everyone's input and feedback here is much appreciated. Thank you so much and I'm glad you like our site. :)

    @ cyberquest - Thank you, yes I believe I do. You have left me wide open here though with your comment and I was thinking of running wild with it. I was thinking of typing out something really funny like but sometimes it's hard to think of something good at 6am.

    Number 9 - hmm, it's not coming to me.
  10. unibul

    unibul New Member

    I like the design, it's very clean. The navigation is a bit confusing though. I would make my main service more prominent and organize the others around it.
  11. pezboy45

    pezboy45 Mod/Design & Coder [Pro]

    While browsing your website.
    I found a problem.
    In the menu, on the top, when I hover over "Hosting & Design"
    And click on one of the links, it doesn't take me to that section of the webpage, it leaves me at the top.
    But, I see that you added links to the image at the top.
    I suggest you change the ones in the menu as well.
  12. eVentureBiz

    eVentureBiz New Member

    Thanks Andrew. I actually just changed the main menu's wording around a little and the web design page as well. I never liked those busy drop down menus I had on there.

    I'll go fix those links now.