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Discussion in 'Reviews' started by Alert, Apr 11, 2010.

  1. Shakila_reed

    Shakila_reed New Member

    I would also recommend you get your own domain name, I purchased mines for $11.99 at go-daddy although alot of people don't recommend them, I haven't had problems. You can also get them for alot cheaper, and hosting is only a couple bucks a month although mine is free.

    Now to the site:

    Do you even still work on the site, don't really have any content and your readers wouldn't understand what your site was about, or what you were promoting. Just my thoughts good luck.
  2. ignitionwebs

    ignitionwebs New Member

    I like it. It takes a while to load - and I have firefox and a pretty fast FIOS connection, so that's saying something. I also love your logo, very nice. When I see your site, I only see the home page and the Click Here text that redirects you to a services page. Is that all there is? Because I don't see any pages on the nav bar area. For a free website, I like it. The look is nice, and you don't have to change it. You might want to expand on the content, but otherwise the site has enough information.
  3. Alert

    Alert New Member

    Actually the other links are still under maintenance
  4. ignitionwebs

    ignitionwebs New Member

    Ahh, ok! .
  5. H4rdstyle4ever

    H4rdstyle4ever New Member

    Hey mate, I'm a starting DJ myself so I'll had a look at your site and the conclusion is:


    *Logo - Sorry but it's almost same as Tiƫsto's
    *Ads - Should really try get a free domain or at least a webhost that got no ads.
    *Services - The growd in the back is bit rubbish with repeated image down the whole site.


    *The color scheme is perfect (bit boring in my opinion, but hey that's just me :p)
    *Love the turntables at footer.
    *Don't have to search for the info, you'll get it right in your face.


    * Get a menu, having services as a clickable link on the bottom of your site is having readers skip the useful stuff that you'll provide.
    *Get some sort of booking form for customers to use to get in contact.

    Hope this was useful for you :)

    - H4rdstyle4ever
  6. frosst40

    frosst40 New Member

    Yupp, I agree with everyone here, get your own domain name. It's not that expensive! Also, site looks a little plain, too simple for my taste. Try adding more customization!
  7. DJSynergy

    DJSynergy New Member

    "....goal with Professionalism, The Best Performance Possible & The Best Quality Lighting and Sound."

    I know I'm being a grammar nazi, but I just don't see the need to capitalize the words here.

    I also don't like the repeating background on the service page. Hurts my eyes when scrolling.

    Also, from this page, I can't get back to the homepage. Make the logo a button to go back to the homepage. Also, how would I contact you on here? Add a 'Contact Us' page. That's the most important thing as a DJ, is networking.

    Other than those issues, I like the black colors and white contrasting it. Its easier on the eyes than a white b/g with black font, especially if you've been on a computer all day.
  8. korvayne

    korvayne New Member

    I like the layout of your site,its clean & clear & not jammed with needless info.the background is very appropriate & I like the logo even if it is similar to a certain dutch DJ!its a simple but effective layout.
  9. Dj Klutch Kick

    Dj Klutch Kick New Member

    Great Site and great work, but like said above you might want to get your own domain if you can, im still working on getting my own.

    Good Luck
    DJ Klutch Kick
  10. dj johnny qwest

    dj johnny qwest New Member

    I would change your site name to give a more professional image. Is there away to relocate the cdj image? I also would suggest removing the list of equipment. Just state using a phrase like "state of the art". The bide that might use you could care less about what you use. Lastly, maybe create package deals that include what you refer to as add on's
  11. gojroberts

    gojroberts New Member

    Your site looks very good overall. I would improve the pictures a bit maybe, make them a bit more lively. I would get rid of the black and white pictures in the booking section as they are a bit hazy.
  12. jsck82

    jsck82 New Member

    The visuals look really good to me, aside from a few things that you can't avoid with the current host (the ads and such). The music is good, didn't take long to load or cause problems with Firefox (which is a common problem that I run into on other sites.)

    I would recommend replacing the video you have with something with a bit higher audio quality, but that might just be me.

    I would recommend a "location" tab, as it looks like you are in Washington state (based on the area code), but that information isn't immediately apparent.

    Aside from those two recommendations, I would say excellent work, overall!
  13. beechesfc

    beechesfc New Member


    had a look at your site and considering i use to do alot of djing both at events and radio found it intresting,i think the musice upon entering should be optional or maybe give people the option of a few different tracks. gd luck with this