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Websites Disco Club Lubek

Discussion in 'Reviews' started by grafixdream, Mar 26, 2010.

  1. grafixdream

    grafixdream New Member


    This is a site i made recently, still a work in progress, but already viewable.

    I inspired myself with the "Night Club" template, but i did not use it, i made it from scratch instead.


    What do you think? (And sorry for my english, im from slovakia)
  2. AV Websites

    AV Websites New Member

    Hi -

    Please don't take this the wrong way, and I don't know about anybody else, but I don't like being cussed at as soon as I load a web page. My speakers were turned up because I had just been listening to some music.

    Most site owners eventually have sound/video optional, where the visitor has to choose to play the music or watch the video.

    Having a repeating background when the background image is not seamless looks very poor on large wide screen monitors; you may wish to correct that.

    You may wish to modify the header of your image gallery to match the header of the rest of your site.

    Other than that, the site works just fine!


    Best Regards,

    Las Vegas SEO, Website Design & Architecture
  3. grafixdream

    grafixdream New Member

    As i wrote, it is still a Work In Progress...

    Oh, and how big is your monitor? because it look just fine on a 22" 16:10 monitor, with 1680x1050 res....

    And thank you for the tip about the music... but the sites owner wants it that way...
  4. DavyG

    DavyG New Member

    i found there was not alot to do on the site however i understand its a work in progress.... i like the design its simple and neat... i found the links worked well and i love the built in player.....

    overall good job.... i hope the site goes well :)
  5. ParmvirSingh

    ParmvirSingh New Member


    The sites first impressions are very good. Its great to look at and feels different in a good way. However once you go through the site, it gets boring as its the same layout all over, and the grey and font choice make it hard to read on some pages, so something to look at and change I think.

    Also I agree with the first post about the music and swearing, but maybe I the people that will visit you're site will like it.

    The landing page is very good and simple, but the other pages need some small changes to stop the site from becoming too simple and dull.

    Hope this helps.

  6. marcandceri

    marcandceri New Member

    Cool site.

    I'll be honest, I like it.

    A great choice of background tunes, I'm sitting here with my foot tapping and a smile on my face just listening to your site!

    It has a nice feel to it with its 'underground club' style graphics.

    Only the 2nd link along works at the moment but I guess your working on the other pages.

    I don't speak or read any language but english, so not sure what is being said but overall first impressions are very good indeed.

    Well done!
  7. marcandceri

    marcandceri New Member

    Too repetitive


    Me again. I've left your site running as I was enjoying the tunes. On reflection, after about 10 minutes they become too repetitive. Maybe mix them up a little, or create a longer playlist.

    Keep up the good work
  8. signelect

    signelect New Member

    Overall the site looks good and its simple. I would, like its already been said, work on the music a bit. Either mix it up or give the customer a choice to start listening to it if they want.
  9. Dj Klutch Kick

    Dj Klutch Kick New Member

    I think the site looks great.Only thing i didn't see seem to work was the taps at the top are they supposed to be taps for your mixes?

    DJ Klutch Kick
  10. jamie_n_93

    jamie_n_93 New Member

    First impressions of the site are great, the idea of using a black backround with loads of bright colours on top is really eye catching and will no doubt draw viewers in. good use of tabs which adds more depth to your page and allows more navigation to be done.

    Only issue I find with your site is that its very much the same from start to finish which may be a problem and viewers of your site may think this could reflect in your services so my advice would be to change things up as much as you can including more colour, use animations, videos etc and remember your work is a reflection of you!

    Great start well done!
  11. jalsal

    jalsal New Member

    It's easy to navigate around the site but I feel that your background colours don't blend with the other colours used in the design.
  12. gateinnfc

    gateinnfc New Member

    Good background choice, nice header on home page. Maybe have the backgrounds changing as you switch between tabs.
  13. Justin Hardy

    Justin Hardy Member


    For me it does exactly what it says on the tin! Informative, bright, engaging, simple.

    I like it!!
  14. ElPwno

    ElPwno New Member

    I did not like the layout, but it is simple, which I like and you managed to do very good positioning-of-stuff (idk, lol). I feel like it could use more pictures, in the page itself and not the gallery, though.