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Websites dance site

Discussion in 'Reviews' started by djwilson, Feb 23, 2010.

  1. MKPhotography

    MKPhotography New Member

    Very nice looking website. Its clean & not cluttered looking. Also very easy to navigate. I think it looks great!
  2. kellyjune

    kellyjune New Member

    The site looks pretty good but I gotta say I do not care for the graphic at the very top left...it took me a few seconds to make out what it was saying. The site is too good and I think that graphic is something that looks like it was added last second for coolness. I just think your site is too good for a low quality graphic like that. Goodluck to you and your business!
  3. Ashlie

    Ashlie New Member

    Its a good site but I think it could use some more color and when the site first came up if I hadnt already known I would have never guessed what your site was about. I think it needs more pictures/graphics and some "livening" to make it more appealing to someone who might just "stumble" up on it. Good Luck!!