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Websites dance site

Discussion in 'Reviews' started by djwilson, Feb 23, 2010.

  1. Alert

    Alert New Member

  2. djwilson

    djwilson New Member

    Thanks Alert but that could maybe distract visitors from the content of the site and look tacky like a piczo site, but thanks anyway.

    I will look into ways of bringing the site over the next coming days, any more input would be welcomed and considered, Thank you.
  3. bryanfuller

    bryanfuller New Member

    very attractive site, try to improve the page rank.
  4. djwilson

    djwilson New Member

    A LOTTTT has changed since my last post about the site, new updated opinions will be taken on board and cherrished :) Many thanks.
  5. Airster130

    Airster130 New Member

    Looks nice. Nice and easy to find what your looking for! I like how you provide video in your reviews. All the track listings easy to read. Looks great. Just get alittle more color on maybe. Looks good though.
  6. djwilson

    djwilson New Member

    Thanks for your feedback :) Much appreacted and i'll look into different ways on improving :)
  7. soymoses

    soymoses New Member

    Hello Wilson,

    I think the site looks very nice. Clean, easy to look at, and very easy to navigate around.

    Only 2 things that I thought might make it just a little easier on the eyes.

    1. Maybe just a little more color. The low colors kinda make it tiring after being on the site a little while. I think it is a dance site and dance is exciting and vibrant. I think you already received a comment on the colors though. It is not by any means bad. Just a little more color might liven it up a little. Just a thought.

    2. I was confused a little at the redirection when clicking on the events bar. Was it just easier to redirect or.....

    Overall this site looks really good. I again must say that it was very insightful with all the information provided and really easy to move around in.

    Have a wonderful day.

    Soy Moses
  8. djwilson

    djwilson New Member

    Thanks for your feedback Soy :) I'm a little confused to what you mean about the redirecting when you click the events bar?

    But thanks for taking time to comment :)
  9. emilybaileys

    emilybaileys New Member

    I like this clean site ~ nice colors. My ONLY suggestion would be the distortion on your photo's you are posting. The featured artist on your splash page is a cool idea, but it was a little distracting to me just because it was stretched out, which distorted his face a little bit. (I know....such a dumb thing to worry about....I just notice these types of things. Sorry.)

  10. djwilson

    djwilson New Member

    Thanks for your feedback Emily, featured image now resized for better looking face :) Thanks.
  11. emilybaileys

    emilybaileys New Member

    There ya' go. Looks great.
  12. RebelsPink

    RebelsPink New Member

    Nice clean site. Looks good. Very easy to read and navigate.
  13. djwilson

    djwilson New Member

    Thanks for the feedback people :)
  14. djwilson

    djwilson New Member

    Bump! :)

  15. GG

    GG Active Member

    Don't think people can keep giving reviews for your site mate. This thread has been going on since February so once people stop replying I think it's a sign that it should come to a stop. You've made the changes and people have given you their replies so not sure if they'll carry on.
  16. Techie

    Techie New Member

    Your site looks great but it doesn't pass the W3C validatior. The W3C Markup Validation Service A lot of your tags are closed with ">", but remember that you need the "/>" for everything (even meta tags). See if there's an optimized version of your theme available as an update.
  17. djwilson

    djwilson New Member

    Thank's, I've done the homepage but seem to be miles from Valid.
  18. ishkey

    ishkey Moderator, Logos, Sports Crests Staff Member Verified Member

    Makes one wonder with the new HTML 5 standard if validation will be necessary, since many things are changing in the world of coding. Like the new introductory line that looks like an SGML document type declaration, <!DOCTYPE html>, which enables standards-compliant rendering in all browsers that use "DOCTYPE sniffing. The HTML5 syntax is no longer based on SGML despite the similarity of its markup. It has, however, been designed to be backward compatible with common parsing of older versions of HTML.
  19. WebsiteNewbie

    WebsiteNewbie New Member

    I liked the website - has great content and easy to navigate across....

    Dunno if it has already been mentioned in earlier postings, but thought the top 'Total Dance Music' title could may be emphasized more? Unless of course it is at that font for a reason?
  20. thefurnituretaxi

    thefurnituretaxi New Member

    you need more pictures. I would think a dance site would be heavy on flash
    high contrast
    big time pictures and eyecatching things. maybe even some music to play in the background.

    when i log into total dance i should be immediately immersed in the dance world.

    good start..keep working at it.