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Websites charity website review please!

Discussion in 'Reviews' started by WebstuffNewbie, Jun 28, 2012.

  1. WebstuffNewbie

    WebstuffNewbie New Member

    Hi all,
    My name gives it away; total newbie so grateful for this forum. Please review our charity website: www.creatingbetterfutures.org.uk It is far too wordy and not as engaging as we would want it to be i.e. getting donations. We want to scale it down and make it more interactive etc. but not sure where to chop or what to change and how? Your advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks! :)
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  2. navyfalcon

    navyfalcon Well-Known Member Verified Member

    This is your site as displayed in Google
    1st page 1st position

    Creating Better Futures - Charity
    Non-Profit Charity helping Orphans ... Creating Better Futures, a non-profit
    organization helping orphaned and vulnerable children through a long
    www .creatingbetterfutures .org .uk/index.html

    Your video (or site) loads slow. May want to improve that (there are ways to
    improve the speed of loading - mostly compression techniques). Many are free
    software (or freeware), some are open source (free to use).
    or may want to change type of video for faster loading
    Just a suggestion:
    There are other free slide show software (not only flash). Try different
    types to improve load speed (CSS is fast)

    This is CSS or Javascript
    hope this helps
  3. leekerno

    leekerno New Member

    I am not a professional in any way but do use the web alot. I thought the site was appealing, colourful with good use of photos so you can see who it is designed to help. I also liked the events page, as long as it is kept updated, i think it is a good tool.
    Well done x
  4. camcan

    camcan New Member

    The site looks good. im no web designer just joe public. all the topics are current and hard hitting and just the ticket for this site the coulours are good and compliment the site.

    ill make a suggestion use or not its just a suggestion. the title pics that srcoll some are of children sitting down eating etc.
    I know that this is also part of the charity but there really no contrasting pictures for the education side or it

    if you had a few pictures stating you need help to transform this ( pic of children working on street corners selling on markets as everyone knows that happens to these poor kids) To This ( pics of learning in class rooms clothed propperly etc) I just think it involves the person sat on computer looking at it grabs them to feel that when they donate they are actually part of it.

    As i said take it or leave it.

    I really enjoyed looking at the site and found it very informative

    please keep your good work up
  5. WLC

    WLC New Member


    I think the website looks very professional and well made. One thing I think it may be wise to consider: In the 'About Us' section, perhaps you could include some details of your status as a charity. I.e. How long you have been registered as a charity, who you are registered with, what it entails, etc.
  6. ThatAfricanBoy

    ThatAfricanBoy New Member

    Wow, great site, so professional looking! Personally I really enjoyed the links to social media websites at the bottom, which are at times handled poorly, but looked very crisp in this site. I would've enjoyed to see some images in the "Who we help" and "our history" pages, and also though I am aware of where Zimbabwe is in the world, I think people having a graphic of its place in the world would also help. The donation page is very nicely organized, but the donation button seems somewhat out of place, especially with the play button. I noticed no technical issues at all with the site, and as i stated before, it is wonderful, and the logo is amazing!
  7. webzi

    webzi New Member


    really good looking website, some nice touches with the events page and donations.

    some pictures of fuure fundraisers and amounts raised would be good because its a cause close to my heart.

    i will be making a donation soon, keep up the good work guys !!!
  8. david71990

    david71990 New Member

    Looks great simple and effect and the colour scheme really works! Like how you have the live social network updates on the left hand side! Would love it if my charity football site could look half as good!
  9. Starrzanne

    Starrzanne New Member

    I like the simples touches, like the bright colors to draw attention to detail. Also the slides and the pictures are very impactful. Suggestion from a non-web, techy person.. just a reader-- put your philosphy in a seperate box or banner to make it stand out even more; or make it have it's own section.
  10. djjkenyon

    djjkenyon New Member

    I do not have too much knowledge in creating websites but it is easy to navigate, clear and to the point and i thought the site was appealing, colourful
  11. LGM

    LGM New Member

    The set up is really good and very easy to use.
  12. Clint Davies

    Clint Davies Member

    Firstly well done on doing something for charity i respect that and took a look at the site and thought it looked very proffessional and put across the message very well and is very user friendly.
  13. mixpix

    mixpix New Member

    really nice website!
    like the events page the most :)
  14. cbbazza

    cbbazza New Member

    Very slick, welcoming and professional - Excellent website! :)
  15. bTz

    bTz New Member

    I agree, it really is welcoming and professional.
    Also, i appreciate a lot the charity idea behind the website/movement and i guarantee that most of the people think this.
    The colors are not eye disturbing, it's a good mix.

    Congratulation !
  16. kanakdbz

    kanakdbz New Member

    Amazing! The site is clean and everything seems to be in right place.