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Call of duty 2 template

Discussion in 'Free Website Templates' started by Mimoun, Nov 1, 2006.

  1. NTG

    NTG New Member

    were is the download link plz?
  2. I love the job you did. But, I have a few questions.

    I am wanting to change the Call of Duty 2 title that you have in the site header to Day of Defeat. Is it an image? If so, is there a way for me to edit it without using Photoshop?
  3. pezboy45

    pezboy45 Mod/Design & Coder [Pro]

    Please check the Logo customization forum here:
  4. CovertPea

    CovertPea Moderator Staff Member Verified Member

    Oops, just saw your post Pezboy, reckon I jumped the gun too. Oh well, I was bored. :)
    Hey Sarge -
    Replace the attached "Header.jpg" with the header.jpg in the template's IMAGE folder.
  5. Patriot

    Patriot New Member

    I like it, VERY,VERY well done!
  6. nikelrg

    nikelrg New Member

    nice game,i'm playing
  7. xbox360gurl70s

    xbox360gurl70s New Member

    is there anybody which can help me with a link to a tutorial to convert this template to a blog? like blogger perhaps?
  8. pezboy45

    pezboy45 Mod/Design & Coder [Pro]

    I'm getting really good at making HTML templates into WordPress templates.
    But, that takes a lot of work.

    If you want me to do it, it will cost something.
    PM me, if you are interested.
  9. Spider613

    Spider613 New Member

    Call of Duty Template

    Very Nicely done, Question;
    is this template able to be changed some by a user, say if I loaded it into my cs3 flash pro then started toying with it to make it more customized for a specific website would I be able to?
  10. talal 4u

    talal 4u New Member

    great template for gaming sites
  11. Quick69

    Quick69 New Member

    very nice job on the template
  12. Pesutko

    Pesutko New Member

    hey...I tried this to upload on my webspell website and then only banner works upthere that call of duty 2 upthere site isnt working...can u tell me why?and tell me how to get work hole site?thx
  13. kenjiemichael

    kenjiemichael New Member

    I call this WINNER!
    I like the feel of playing the game! hehehe

    thanks for sharing.
  14. yahya_4me

    yahya_4me New Member

    good job
  15. giangpro888

    giangpro888 New Member

  16. sandymiss

    sandymiss New Member

  17. jkchiche

    jkchiche New Member

  18. manola

    manola New Member

  19. erhantekin

    erhantekin New Member

    If you want to You can use this site : www. actofcursing. com act of cursing is a call of duty and counter strike games forums.
  20. JaneEyre

    JaneEyre New Member

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