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Call of duty 2 template

Discussion in 'Free Website Templates' started by Mimoun, Nov 1, 2006.

  1. Mimoun

    Mimoun Administrator Staff Member Director Verified Member

    Call of duty 2 template.

    Click on the image to view in real size:


    The website template will work perfectly with all modern browsers.
    Tested with:
    What is included:
    HTML file
    CSS file
    PSD file Photoshop source design
  2. Alvin

    Alvin New Member

    what to say good work, nice banner :)
  3. Untouchable

    Untouchable New Member

    Nice work ;)
  4. paul374

    paul374 New Member

    love the banner
  5. Scoooooty

    Scoooooty Member

    This is my favourate of his designs.
  6. Luther

    Luther New Member

    Cool theme

    1 question is it possible for sum1 to make it a call of duty theme? with cod, coduo and cod2 in the header? i would do it but aint got a clue bout graphics and dont have the neccessary software.
  7. roosta

    roosta New Member

    Is it possible to request this in .PHP format? The <div> makes all the tables out of place...

  8. waterproof

    waterproof New Member

    cool template. I just downloaded it.
  9. waterproof

    waterproof New Member

  10. Connor

    Connor Moderator / Programmer

    I answered your question in the other post.
  11. pezboy45

    pezboy45 Mod/Design & Coder [Pro]

    Nice, very nice

    Great template for those call of duty peeps....
  12. roosta

    roosta New Member

    Do you not respond to your PM's Mimoun?

  13. Lucy

    Lucy New Member

    Call of Duty 2

    This is a neat template, and I would like to use it...

    Except i get a corrupt/invalid message when I download it!

    Help please! :(
  14. Scoooooty

    Scoooooty Member

    I just tested it and it worked for me.

    Try using another another program to unzip it.
  15. Lucy

    Lucy New Member

    Another program like what? o_o
  16. popoloco

    popoloco New Member

    what to say good work, nice banner
  17. |COAH| CDawg

    |COAH| CDawg New Member

    Hey uhh, Can you get me one that will work on ipbfree please?
  18. roosta

    roosta New Member

    Sorry, the guy that makes these does not answer to PMs or requests...
  19. Mulderfactor

    Mulderfactor New Member


    I love the template and I have been in photoshop changing coloring and header, but when I was ready get going in Web Expressions the template did not recreate the sections like the Charity template I used for a simple site.

    Help... how can I get this AWESOME template so it will break into lots of pieces like most of the other newer templates on your great site.

  20. sjp1966

    sjp1966 New Member

    I have this template and this screen is great for a main page, is there anyone i can contact if i want to get an additional page in the same colour scheme but with a different layout?