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Queuing Airline Product Service Management System

Discussion in 'Free Website Templates' started by Ayten, May 14, 2014.

  1. Ayten

    Ayten New Member

    • Website URL:
      kabinhizmetleri.thy.com (it is an intranet, You can't reach out of server)

    • Website description:
      My website must describe the given services in Turkish Airlines's flight ( There will be 3 coloumn 1. domestic flights 2.international arrivals 3.Long distance flights) When I click domestic flights it will direct me to a page which shows me all domestic destination ( the destinations in Turkey) then I will click on a destination it will again direct me a page which has 3 main title 1.Products 2.Service 3.Regulation. I will attach pdf files for each of this title.The international departures and Long distance departures has the same logic.

    • The Structure of my website:
      I dont want any picture on background .It must be as possible as plain(simple). Only there will be a title " MY SERVÄ°CE INFO" and a little box for general information near title. I can rearrange them.

    • My favorite template designs on Free Website Templates:
      business and services (adviser& co) http://www.wix.com/website-template/view/html/761
      photography missing link
      online shopping missing link

      they are well organized.If you need a webpage under these categories , it will be prefectly easy to put codes and make your website.

    • Other websites whose design I like:

    • Preferred colors:
      silver ,white ,blue

    • Notes:
    Last edited: Jun 6, 2014
  2. Dawn

    Dawn Community Manager

    Hi Ayten, welcome to FWT!

    Thanks for the detailed website description. I will however need you to provide the URLs of the exact template designs that you like on FWT, not just their names, as there are several designs on each topic available in our database and linking to the specific ones you like would help reduce any unnecessary confusion for our designers.

    The same goes for the other websites whose designs you like - could you provide their URLs please? Do note that this latter section is for you to tell us which non-FWT website designs you want your new template to look like.

    Once this is done do reply here so we can process your request. :)
  3. Ayten

    Ayten New Member

    Last edited by a moderator: May 28, 2014
  4. Dawn

    Dawn Community Manager

    Thanks for the links Ayten! This will be very helpful for our designers. :)

    You'll be notified here when your request enters the template production queue, so please watch this thread to receive the latest updates on its status.
  5. Mimoun

    Mimoun Administrator Staff Member Director Verified Member

    @Ayten please provide the links to these website templates as we have multiple templates with these titles:
    • photography
    • online shopping
  6. Ayten

    Ayten New Member


    @Mimoun @Dawn

    Hi this template gives almost exact information that I need.It is so similar what I want actually. If you would like to help me we can go on from this website.Background is perfect because Turkish Airline is a global flight company and has many award in Europe so better to put a world map background.Only the map can be more soften.About colours, regarding company representation, they prefer to use blue on everything coz it reminds sky. But I have problem with the linked page which should display almost 100 destination for each departure.so I dont have any idea how to make a good design for the destinations.One more question for you" Are you providing the source code to make changes on website?" Thank you so much for your great help.
    Last edited: Jun 3, 2014
  7. Mimoun

    Mimoun Administrator Staff Member Director Verified Member

    @Ayten yes we will provide you with the PSD design, HTML and CSS source code, but not any server side scripting or database implementation. We will also provide you with a Wix version of the template.
  8. Ayten

    Ayten New Member

    Thank you for your quick response dear @Mimoun . I only need html and css source. I ll be waiting to hear from you soon.
  9. Ruthe

    Ruthe Community Manager

    Congratulations! Your template request has been successfully added to the template production queue.

    While your request is now in the queue, this post does not guarantee the completion of your request.

    In order to better understand the needs of your template request, the FWT team may post you enquiries on this thread from time to time. Should your reply be later than 7 days of our question, we regret that your template request will lose its place in the queue.

    As such, please watch this thread and set your preferences to receive e-mail notifications. This way, you will be notified immediately when any of our staff members posts an enquiry.

    We will do our best to post the ETA of your template ASAP, and we look forward to working together with you to create a template that best suits your needs!