2023 Tournaments Schedule

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Kids Town Tournament

Class J

Jan 6-9

Jan 1

5th GM State Open

Class E

Jan 13-15

Jan 6

St. Patrick's University 2nd FIDE

Senior - Class D

Jan 20-22

Jan 16

Senior's Opening Tournament

All Categories

Jan 28-22

Jan 16


1st Valentine Chess Tmt

All Categories

Feb 10-14

Feb 5

King and Queen Open Experts Tmt

Senior Master

Feb 17-19

Feb 15

10th All For Love Women's Cup

Senior Master - A

Feb 24

Feb 20

3rd FIDE Rating Chess Tmt below 2200

Class A - C

Feb 25 & 26

Feb 20

1st Mother & Daughter Chess FIDE Rating

All Categories

Feb 29

Feb 27


City Amateur Championships 2023

Class H-J

March 3-4

March 28

10th Mastermind All State FIDE Rating

Senior - Expert

March 3-4

March 28

Commonwealth Chess Championships

Expert - Master

March 26-30

March 18