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Aug 13, 2007
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August 18
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Atlanta, GA USA
Graphics Designer, Web Consultant, Coder


Moderator, Logos, Sports Crests, Male, from Atlanta, GA USA

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Worn Out !!! Sep 3, 2016

    1. ishkey
      Worn Out !!!
      1. kevin ndasauka likes this.
    2. 1970Forest
      Thanks D, older but none the wiser :)
      1. Syahransyah likes this.
    3. Lucy x
      Lucy x
      1. Syahransyah likes this.
    4. Aaron Davies
      Aaron Davies
      Can i use the Hollybush Symbolic crest you made please??
    5. clarence stewart
      clarence stewart
      Hello, ishkey, I love your work!
    6. Chardy Chuy
      Chardy Chuy
      1. Reznick likes this.
    7. Imi.56
      I want to use a template for a client who is DJ by profession. I'm doing it for free. The client will host some videos on the website. So, Is there copyright problem or i can do it without any hesitation.

      please, Reply ASAP.
      1. Reznick likes this.
    8. Mohan8502
      could you please tell me is there is any free tool for editing HTML page and it CSS.
      1. Reznick likes this.
      2. navyfalcon
        Yes, there are several depending on your OS (operating system). Search Google for "free html editors" and pick the ones that will work on your OS and have tutorials for them, or forums.
        Mar 3, 2017
    9. Stephen Portch
      Stephen Portch
      Hi ishkey, I just replied to your link you sent me, but maybe you can answer this here? Are the websites purely hosted by you (FWT) or can the site be moved to another server? Incase there is a problem or the site goes down? Thanks
      Steve P.
      1. Reznick likes this.
    10. Anwar04<3
      Hi Ishkey, Can u help me with my logo ? Thx :)
    11. Starrzanne
      Thanks so much for the help ishkey!! My girls are so very excited about their new team crest!!
    12. dilshob
      i down loaded the template special school web template. isaw a psd file in there. whts the use of it. how actually that page design created. with which software if??? help me...???
      1. Reznick likes this.
    13. ishkey
      I'm back
    14. ishkey
      be back in a few
    15. Shasuni Ruwanpathirana
      Shasuni Ruwanpathirana
      hi I'm new here can you help?
    16. ADphotography
      Hey could u take a look at my logo thread. What to kno if you could create a logo for me. Thanx in advance if you do, and thanx fir takin the time to read my message if you dont
    17. viking knives
      viking knives
      How much would that cost? Also, could you do the logo you already created as an outline only, where a background would show through? Looking at a web template where the logo would appear to be spraypainted on as part of the introduction. Please let me know. Thanks.
    18. viking knives
      viking knives
      Ishky, is there any chance you can do a logo like that in color? I like the clean lines of it, and would like to use something like that on the website. Also, what do I have to do to get them without the watermark, so that I could use them in the development of the website. Please let me know. Thanks!! Great work by the way!!
    19. ashdoy
      Hi ISHKEY

      Your work is amazing! I'd really appreciate it if you could help me out and take a look at my HETA fc thread. Im not asking you to design it as you may have other things to do, but could you give me some pointers and ideas as to what could be best?

    20. Enclavean
      Got a question, when i tried to post a thread earlier today, it got a message telling me a mod had to review it first.

      Why? That has never happened before.
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    August 18
    Home Page:
    Atlanta, GA USA
    Graphics Designer, Web Consultant, Coder
    Graphics, Logos, Sports Crests, Websites and Server Management, Coding, SEO

    An optimist sees a glass half full; a pessimist half empty; an engineer sees a glass that's twice as large as required...

    Motorcycles - Movies - Fishing