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Websites Yacht Charter website

Discussion in 'Reviews' started by Ibiza, Apr 4, 2013.

  1. Ibiza

    Ibiza New Member

    Ok, so my website www.smartcharteribiza.com is pretty much finished. I am trying to get a logo designed for it now and what you can see in the top left is just a temporary place holder for the real logo.

    Some of my text and headings still need adjusting and in some pages I will insert more images to break up the long bits of text.

    Anyway, let me know what you think.

  2. RisingFeud

    RisingFeud New Member

    Ok, so first of all, i think the testimonials should be more in your face as they are important to convince people that your services are good. Currently if you use a smaller monitor you don't even see them unles you scroll down.
    The categories All Yachts etc from the top, at least the important ones should stand out more. With the current font and positioning, they are basicaly lost in the backround.

    And I don't know, considering the purpose of the site, it seems it is a little too dark themed, I mean I entered the Beach and Restaurnt guide and water sports and it was too dark and somber, it did not make me think of sunny beaches, water, vacation, girls and yacths :). People that want to rent yachts and go on holidays need to see bright and happy stuff there, your backround seems more suited for the site of a heavy metal band :).

    As far as structure goes, its well made, easy to navigate. Please don't be upset at what I;ve told you above, it;s only my personal opinin.

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  3. navyfalcon

    navyfalcon Well-Known Member Verified Member

    This is only to give you suggestions and ideas.
    The list of websides is to give a visual of suggestions
    These are only suggestions from my prespective

    1st. Index page background color and text.
    With a dark background, dark blue text is not easy to read

    Look at http://www.cynb.com/local/charter-yachts-california.aspx
    The menu bar gives ideas of occasions for a use besides holidays

    uses menu to show types of yachts
    left side menu shows area

    shows a lighter background color and contact phone under menu

    another dark one - you can see that dark background is not inspiring for this type of website
    They have dropdown menus help but are slow to load (maybe a different type of dropdown would

    Of the ones I viewed, this one I liked the best
    Note: The index page gave you an immediate idea what it was about (area, yatch charters, and
    contact number)
    The pictures were the area, including information about the area (points of interest).
    They could have included a map of the area.

    Meta tags
    <title>Yacht Charter Ibiza / Boat Hire Ibiza • Smart Charter Ibiza</title>
    (59 characters,including spaces)
    Why repeat Ibiza three times ??
    Note title below - simple and to the point

    <title>San Diego Yacht Charters and Cruises, California Cruisin</title>

    <meta name="description" content="The best yacht charter / boat hire agency in Ibiza for any
    budget. Let us take care of all of your yachting needs in Ibiza."/>
    (121 characters, including spaces)
    hope this helps
  4. Sugartov

    Sugartov New Member

    Aesthetics & Eye Appeal

    1. Does the site's look and feel seem to match the subject matter
    2. Does the site align visually with the intended reader or market?
    3. Do you immediately get a sense of what the site is all about?
    4. Could you easily see "About" and security information?

    I actually liked the bold colors and contrast. It definitely has an exciting and masculine look. Since the pictures on the home page depict mostly men, I assume that's who they are trying to attract.

    It does seem "busy" and although the pictures drew me in right away, I would have been confused if I were looking for something specific (#4).

    Aesthetics & Eye Appeal

    1. Does the site's look and feel seem to match the subject matter
    2. Does the site align visually with the intended reader or market?
    3. Do you immediately get a sense of what the site is all about?
    4. Could you easily see "About" and security information?

    If the site is trying to attract people who already know a lot about boats, then I think it does an excellent job. It is hard to tell, however, whether the business is trying to attract an average tourist then I think it gives a little too much attention to the types of boats. I read that they come with "captains", but as an average tourist who doesn't know the first thing about boats, I don't know if that means I could call them up and charter a boat, or if I need to provide a crew who knows what they're doing. (I eventually found in the faq section that I would need to provide a skipper...and so then I would need help finding a skipper. I do think this is probably an activity for a more experienced person than me!)

    Reader Usability

    1. Is the site understandable?
    2. Did you know what to do to get to the information you wanted?
    3. Were there guide posts or 'help' features included
    4. Are the areas of content clearly defined
    5. Were there distractions like spam and blinking ads
    6. Are there visual elements, design elements, pictures, or content blocks that are distracting, or that keep you from flowing into the content message?

    No spam or blinking ads, but it is a little busy. Once I started exploring the "faq" tab along the top, the website started to make a lot more sense to me. One idea might be to have the "faq" tab closer to the "home" tab, because once my eye saw "restaurant guide", I sort of assumed that I had passed the important information and was on to the extras.


    1. Is navigation Intelligent, logical and clearly understandable
    2. Does the technology work - Java, scripts, movies, etc. or are you required to load a program or do something in order to use the site?
    3. Do buttons and links send you where you expected to go?

    Buttons and links send me where I expect to go. I don't know enough about the technology to address other functionality.
  5. derossi

    derossi New Member

    Coming from a non technical point of view, I echo about the dark background. The headings that you have below "charter the yacht........today" maybe should be placed at the top of the page, or at the very least 'how to book'. Also the bottom of the page which contains the contact etc looks a bit all over the place. From an aesthetic point of view the site is selling a luxury item and the site does have that quality feel about it, which would be important for confidence.
  6. Mashucubia

    Mashucubia New Member

    I think the logo at the top left and the tabs at the top should be more highlighted or a lighter colour.