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Which movies have you seen many times?

Discussion in 'General' started by mariazero1, Nov 9, 2009.

  1. mariazero1

    mariazero1 New Member

    Hello everyone,

    Which movies have you seen many times? I like watching little man english movies many times because it's a comedy movie. i really enjoy these movies a little man actor performing some very nice acting in this movie. Very cool and nice!

    Which movies do u like?
  2. indumathi

    indumathi New Member


    the mummy - i saw it abt 15 times i guess!
  3. bmcoll3278

    bmcoll3278 New Member

    Pure country at least twice a year. about 30 times
    Was what my wife and I saw on our first date at my house on one of those old laser disk machines.
    And I sang I cross my heart by George Strait at a karaoke contest down on one knee as I asked her to marry me. (I won the contest)
  4. newage123

    newage123 Banned

    [FONT=&quot]Titanic , I have seen this lot of times [/FONT]
  5. ronaldo1

    ronaldo1 New Member

    The scary movie 3 Still one of my all time favorites and i have seen 100 of times.
  6. josephwright

    josephwright New Member

    I like watching X-Men Origins: Wolverine. My all time favorites and i have seen 50 of times.
  7. CovertPea

    CovertPea Moderator Staff Member Verified Member

    The first and original movie-length version of "Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy"
    and the totally irreverent "Life of Brian".
  8. giantmonster

    giantmonster New Member

    I like watching the home alone part 1,2 .... Its an awsome movie and makes me cry at the end each time i see it.. as well as the comedy is awsome.. have seen it maybe around 50 times...
  9. andysharkey

    andysharkey Banned

    I am big fan of movies. I watched these movies many times.

    1. The Twilight Saga: New Moon
    2. Brothers At War
  10. amandkumar

    amandkumar New Member

    I have seen titanic several time. Dont even know how many times i have seen.
  11. hunter jordan

    hunter jordan New Member


    It's my one of the most favorite movies and have see a lot time.
  12. lele0124

    lele0124 New Member

    Ice Age ,i watched for many times ,since it is a funny movie;)
  13. AliciaWatson

    AliciaWatson Banned

    The Terminator all parts Still one of my all time favorites and i have seen 15 of times.:)

    Hello!!! I am Alicia Watson..
  14. Davidwilson

    Davidwilson Banned

    Troy. i have seen it more than 7 times..
  15. atulhost

    atulhost New Member

    10000 a. C.

    I saw 10000 A. C. for several times, I really appreciate the efforts of imagining the ancient life on the earth.
  16. Recidivist

    Recidivist VIP Member

    Lethal Weapon (All of them). Saving Private Ryan. Black Hawk Down.

    Seen them all hundreds of times each, amazing films.
  17. unhallowedangel

    unhallowedangel Logo Specialist

    Random but i LOVE waynes world 1 and two!!!!! haha
  18. BrytonTaylor

    BrytonTaylor Banned

    curious case of benjamin button is my favorite..
  19. alice789

    alice789 New Member

    I’ve watched Breathless and Annie Hall at least 15 times each. Mostly showing other people. Those aren’t my favorite films by either director, but pretty good introductions to their work.
  20. kushy

    kushy New Member

    Titanic..........nice movie.