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Others Which Language is best for web Development?

Discussion in 'Web Development' started by ganeshkumar, May 24, 2014.

  1. ganeshkumar

    ganeshkumar New Member

    Which Language is best for web Development?

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  2. Recidivist

    Recidivist VIP Member

    For SPAM development, you should consider the H@DOCK language. Use the popular LEMON IDE and add the VINE.gar package and you're good to go. This is great for your back end and the most popular front end is a combination of static CHI and the more dynamic PS.

    Now I need a chippy...
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  3. Lousie

    Lousie New Member

    You can opt any CMS for making new website, it just depend that what kind of functionality you want in your website. WordPress is the best CMS as it's easy to use and understand. You also have another option, you can use theme generating software like TemplateToaster, WordPress Theme Generator, etc. These are also good choice for making new themes as it provides many sophisticated features like bootstrapped, code free, automatically generate source code and many more.
  4. daviddakarai

    daviddakarai Member

    HTML, CSS are best language for web Development.
  5. Shirsendu

    Shirsendu New Member

    PHP and MySQL are the best web development languages.
  6. Ashley519

    Ashley519 New Member

    I would say PHP is the best language to learn for web development. Or, you can design a complete website using wordpress theme generator, joomla template generator, template generator, templatetoaster.
  7. Mateoq

    Mateoq New Member Verified Member

  8. margaretcogburn

    margaretcogburn New Member

    PHP is code commonly used server side to interact with the filesystem and databases and output HTML. You can also use python, perl, .NET and a handful of other languages/frameworks to do this.MySQL is a database commonly using.
  9. Eugene Wolf

    Eugene Wolf New Member

    Different languages for various aspects. HTML is for web publishing. CSS defines layout of your page. JavaScript gives functionality of your web page. I personally like ASP.NET / C#. Bootstrap is a great framework. MVC is popular. There are a lot of great technologies.
  10. Karthik D

    Karthik D New Member

    PHP, HTML, CSS is the best web development Language
  11. Hello Dear

    PHP is best language for create website
  12. nidhivyas

    nidhivyas Member

    Best two programming language for wed development
  13. healthcareinfo

    healthcareinfo New Member

    Hello Everyone

    I think So vb.net and java both language are web development best language because, both language are many product development and all product are highly secure website development.
  14. aegisinfoways

    aegisinfoways New Member


    I think so Asp.net and Java is best language for your web development because , both language are high demand for market revenue and this language are highly hacking secure development service provide.

    Finally web development service depended by your budget and other easy development language PHP.
  15. w3web

    w3web Member

    As per the current trends, Java, Php, Python, Ruby and .NET are the top most web development languages. But their usage is limited on certain aspects, PHP is easy and ever demanding for the website Creation and maintenance whereas Java is demanded when you need secure, portable and scalable and multi-threaded applications, .NET also good in web development, which is a language independent platform, and remaining python and ruby are advanced programming languages with most advanced features.
  16. sweetsdailyupdates

    sweetsdailyupdates New Member

    PHP, html and css are the best for creating website. Because there are many CMS related to php like Magento, Prestashop and WordPress.

    These CMS are providing lots of plugins and by using them you can fulfill your requirement and create a website very easily.
  17. ariannabates

    ariannabates New Member

    If you want to learn a programming language, select in these options language like Oracle supports Java, Microsoft supports C++, C# and TypeScript, Google supports Java, Python, Dart and JavaScrip.