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Websites what do you think of my game downloads site design ?

Discussion in 'Reviews' started by dingding40, Jan 30, 2009.

  1. dingding40

    dingding40 New Member

    hi guys, here is my game downloads website, am looking for reviews

    and suggestions to improve, thanks a lot for looking!
    website: http://www.grandmatrix.com
  2. vareside

    vareside New Member

    A very good design. Very bright and easy to look through but there are not many things that keep the eye on one place for more than five seconds.
  3. princecharles12

    princecharles12 New Member


    Game download is a novel idea and fast catching up with the youngsters. This certainly seems to pay off. Stick to it.

  4. salmanparekh

    salmanparekh New Member

    A Very good site you have and can make much from it :p