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What country you come from?

Discussion in 'General' started by joel, Jul 29, 2005.

  1. joel

    joel Member

    what country do you come from i come from Australia and its about 12:30 am here :)
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  2. Connor

    Connor Moderator / Programmer

    I am Russian but I live In America it's about 12:02 here
  3. sueKay

    sueKay New Member

    I live in Scotland!
  4. karistiana

    karistiana New Member

    I'm in the US ... would love to visit Australia. That's my dream vacation destination!
  5. djddzines

    djddzines New Member

    I live in the US.
  6. Lpspider

    Lpspider New Member

    united states - illinois
  7. joel

    joel Member

    well Australia is a good place:) there is no crime a person dies from getting shot about once every 3 months:)
  8. Lpspider

    Lpspider New Member

    Wanna know the funny part about that? Alstralia was initally used as a place for castaways - countries would send there scum there. They'd ban all their criminals to Alstralia.
  9. Connor

    Connor Moderator / Programmer

    Haha, talk about Pirate Island.
    Ah, I love stuiped dictionary terms that make no sense what so ever.
  10. joel

    joel Member

    what are you talking about Austrlia or a diff country cuase u put a l where the u goes in Australia well way yes back in the 1780s england use to send there convicts to Australia lol for punishment i bet if you guys got put in jail wouldnt you like to come here :) yer well they got sent here becuase englands jails were getting to crowede
  11. BashSkater

    BashSkater New Member

    Gosh am from UK
  12. davenportdesign

    davenportdesign New Member

    Land of Vikings

    Denmark. Land of the vikings, H. C. Andersen, the little mermaid (that manages to have her head removed every once in a while) and me!

  13. Joster

    Joster New Member

    colombia presente :D
  14. ike223

    ike223 New Member

    Egyptian and living in Moscow Russia
  15. Dexxa

    Dexxa New Member

    Im from the united kingdom and hopefully in a few year's i'll be living and teaching in japan :D
  16. The Moshpit

    The Moshpit New Member

    South Wales, uk!:)
  17. destinetics

    destinetics New Member

    I'm originally from Birmingham in the UK but now live in Ohio, USA.

    Things I miss from the UK: Fish & Chips, Marmite, Tower fillet burgers from KFC, Car boot sales on a Sunday morning, Daytrips to Wales. :rolleyes:
  18. paul374

    paul374 New Member

    im from northern ireland
  19. Secotine

    Secotine New Member

    I come from of Montreal city in the province of Quebec, Canada
  20. grafixdream

    grafixdream New Member

    I come from a small country in the middle (not really, but close to it) of Europe, Slovakia.

    Sorry for my bad english :)
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