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Website Staff Needed!!!

Discussion in 'Post Jobs' started by stefanlyl, Mar 25, 2006.

  1. stefanlyl

    stefanlyl New Member

  2. xdrive

    xdrive Banned

    Im sorry but the owner of this site hasnt been here for 6 months. All the staff and regulars have left the forum. BEcuase MIMUON wont come back.
  3. tactican

    tactican New Member

    ill help u
    i make template and do gfx (graphics)
    i also make invisionfree skins
  4. strategicintent

    strategicintent New Member

    I can do simple flash intros and photo galleries. You can email me through this site if you want anything doing. I can also design sites using a programme i have. Its not the best way to do it but you can build sites that look good.
  5. SympliG0th

    SympliG0th New Member

    Resume has been emailed.
  6. tactican

    tactican New Member

    well ive just started to set up a website designing servise if any webdesigner or graphics designer or even skinners would like to join please email me at ilikegorillaz@hotmail.co.uk