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Websites Website review

Discussion in 'Reviews' started by bTz, Mar 1, 2014.

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  1. bTz

    bTz New Member

    Hello everyone,

    I want your opinion especially about the design and color theme of this website:

    If the site is loading really slow for the first time the hosting it's the problem, it was the only free one that offered remote hosting.
    As for the content it is not finalized, most of it is lorem ipsum text.

    I'm waiting for your suggestions/opinions,

    Thank you.
  2. Dear bTz,

    Very good try, but I felt the blue tone is too strong and doesn't go well with black. Also the follow us icons are bit dull. See whether you can add some images which will make the site more appealing. Thanks!
    bTz likes this.
  3. kanakdbz

    kanakdbz New Member

    Hi bTz! I checked the link you provided but it opened a page like this:


    Is this supposed to happen? I tried multiple times. I used Internet Explorer and chrome and got same result.
  4. MVHS_Soccer

    MVHS_Soccer New Member

    Same here. Used the link on multiple platforms and no luck.
  5. shearne

    shearne New Member

    Link not opening
  6. bTz

    bTz New Member

    Sorry about that guys but the website it's not available anymore. I am working on something more advanced and also the hosting provided by heliohost was really bad from my point of view.

    Sorry about that !
  7. Dawn

    Dawn Community Manager

    I guess it'd be best for me to lock this thread to prevent any further confusion. Sorry about that, guys :p

    @bTz, do post your new project for review instead. I'm sure our members would be very happy to give you feedback and to learn from you as well :)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.