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Websites website review

Discussion in 'Reviews' started by djjkenyon, Oct 6, 2012.

  1. djjkenyon

    djjkenyon New Member


    Please review my website as all feedback is greatly appreciated, any hints and tips would be great too as I have little experience in creating websites.

    Many thanks

  2. Anwar04<3

    Anwar04<3 Member

    Great Website ! But its a little bit too dull dun you think ? Other than that , everything is great. Nice Job :)
  3. navyfalcon

    navyfalcon Well-Known Member Verified Member

  4. Brendan Kenny

    Brendan Kenny New Member

    Content is fine, maybe you could format the text to make it more pleasing to the eye, also maybe a comments page where people could ask some questions
  5. deadmix

    deadmix Member

    yep i agree with brendan you have to change the text font..other than that the design is clean and nice lloking.
  6. Roni Rumsey

    Roni Rumsey New Member

    Personally I like the font, it is clean. My suggestions: Right sidebar needs to be less crammed together. Perhaps everything doesn't need to be listed on every page? Tab for the forum should be at the top so people can find it easily. I would try to find ways to break up the content on your pages just a bit.
  7. Steve Jones

    Steve Jones New Member

    The website is great, colours and photos are spot on.
    Could you make your free quote facility larger and at the top of the home page so you do not need to scroll? Any accreditation, recognised supplier or endorsment the company has?

    Your differentiator in the market is you design/source/project manage and build using popular and timeless products (for example). Some or all of these skills go into the key job types you do.

    I would put the emphasis on 4 or 5 key job types (most profitable/biggest volume or demand) i.e complete build/extension/kitchen and wet area for example.

    Check out Attic Attack website. They do four types of jobs, then they explain the needs they meet and the desired outcome in detail for these types.

    Other work can go to a seperate page - perhaps a complete page for maintenance and sub contract mamangement specialists. Could you also include the names of the product manufacturers products you use for some of the services? Wall tiles, Door fittings for example?
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  8. CharlieBeach4

    CharlieBeach4 New Member

    all your own work is fine and all you need but i would maybe add some more images and spice it up a bit?