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Web technologies template

Discussion in 'Free Website Templates' started by Mimoun, Aug 20, 2005.

  1. Mimoun

    Mimoun Administrator Staff Member Director Verified Member

    Web technologies template.

    Click on the image to view in real size:


    Tested and works with:

    By downloading the website template you agree with the terms of use

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  2. joeldaking

    joeldaking Banned

    looks great
  3. jarrell.jackson

    jarrell.jackson New Member

    Thank You So Murch!!!

    thanks ;-) looks awesome!!:p
  4. sannsara

    sannsara New Member

    yeha ill get it
  5. MrsRozzhee

    MrsRozzhee New Member

    Thanks for the template
  6. brlmedia

    brlmedia New Member

    wow, very nice..
  7. twitch

    twitch New Member

    very nice looking, great job
  8. lynch_20

    lynch_20 New Member

    thanks it's very nice
  9. rumbo11

    rumbo11 New Member

    its so cool man

    just a question though can we modifie it a bit or no??
  10. shamielaho

    shamielaho New Member


    Hey i need a page for a call center ,I really need help :)
  11. jjtaime

    jjtaime New Member

    i'm a noob in this.. can these templates be used with frontpage?? i'm totally new so i dont know at all.. will be nice if someone can assist?
  12. leetwanker

    leetwanker New Member

    Love the template. I wish I could get blanks of all the images that have text on them. It's hard to remove the text to customize it when it's on a gradient. Does anyone have a good way of doing this? I'm currently using the eyedropper to get the color next to the text near the middle of the image and airbrushing the text out, then using some blurring to blend the color differences together the best I can. Thanks all.
  13. muiradaker8

    muiradaker8 New Member

    WOW looks great and easier way to download.
    Thank you very much.
  14. emilypal

    emilypal New Member

    Frankly speaking I would avoid adding the second navigational panel to the template because it’s already overfilled with different links and pictures. Though, the general idea of the template is very nice.
  15. do u perhaps have a blank header image?
  16. fatwallet

    fatwallet New Member

    Co-ask. Very nice template, but if no blank images are available, the template becomes very hard to use. At a minimum, the logo needs to be modified.
  17. why thank you pea
  18. fatwallet

    fatwallet New Member

    Wow! Thank you very much for your generosity!
  19. temavii

    temavii New Member

    thank you my friend i will try it to see what it look like :)
  20. yahya_4me

    yahya_4me New Member

    woow pro
    its nice