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Websites Waiting for ideas

Discussion in 'Reviews' started by tzoki, Dec 6, 2008.

  1. tzoki

    tzoki New Member

    Hmm.. I have come to this section with my website. Baisicly I can say that i want you to take a lokk at my website and the other question is if you have any other ideas to improve it espescially as for the SEO part of it.

    Beacuse it is in Romanian I can say that you'll understand nothing from the text so I'll begin: I've wanted to make a interactiv website that gives the opportunity to index as many subjects as I can from some contests so I've chosen a Joomla platform, an made the content like a little box with the link and the file format. For the title of each page I have taken the nam of the contest. Even though I have a problem : I can't get a higher Google page rank...

    I'm waiting ideas and reviews....

  2. tzoki

    tzoki New Member

    sorry for forgetting to put the URL:( { I've updated the previous post}
  3. emilypal

    emilypal New Member

    As for me your header is a bit empty.
    If you want to rank well your site content should be updated as often as just possible
  4. navyfalcon

    navyfalcon Well-Known Member Verified Member

    You can add links to translators or translate the page (there are free translators) or select between pages that have been translated into different languages. That should give you greater coverage.
    hope this helps
  5. navyfalcon

    navyfalcon Well-Known Member Verified Member

    I think this is the page
    - <meta name="keywords" content="e-Learn!.iblogger.org" /><meta name="description" content="e-Learn!" /> <title>Homepage:..:e-Learn!</title>
    this is your meta tags
    for SEO I would change the title, description and keywords
    <meta name="description" content="Browse start-a-blog, elearn, and Blog content selected by the eLearning Learning community."/>add more information to describe your blog
    <meta name="keywords" content="education,technology,training,elearn,e-learning,online learning,distance learning,distance education,online education,education technology,performance support,knowledge management,corporate training,learning management systems" />
    some keywords - you do not have to use them all (or you may) or you may select the ones you want

    Google language translator
    babelfish language translator
    babalon language translator
    hope this helps
  6. tzoki

    tzoki New Member

    wow...thx a lot for the tips I'll give a look to the advices and by the way... i've just read that it takes some time for google to analyze and get along with the indexing of your site so I should wait

    I have a single question: Is it ok to put a translator on my webpage even if the articles are only about the subjects from the contests given in Romania ?
    thx again for the ideea with the meta improvements in my header
  7. navyfalcon

    navyfalcon Well-Known Member Verified Member

    Yes, if you state that the contest is only for ...
    Go ahead and submit for google, as long as you are not listed yet
    also submit to yahoo and msn and ...
    it will speed up the process
    hope this helps