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US Army Veteran

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by dfetl1, Jun 14, 2010.

  1. dfetl1

    dfetl1 New Member

    Hi everyone, glad that i found this forum. I am learning webmaster and in the process of createing my own website (marketunlimited.com)using my own hosting site. Reading the faq and forum I am confident that their is someone here to help me. I read the forum that the template board not excepting application now but I will be watching out for applications. Thanks again for letting me register.

  2. tomw

    tomw Member

    Hello Dennis, welcome to FWT forum.

    Although you are no longer able to make request for templates but there are plenty of templates submitted by the members regularly. Look them over and I'm sure someone here can help you make modification if needed. If you need help in creating websites there are members here can help too, including yours truly.
  3. danelsmith

    danelsmith Banned

    Hi and welcome hope will learn together in this forum
  4. Geoff Tyrer

    Geoff Tyrer Member

    Free Web Site Templates

    Hi everyone, I'm testing a new web design application and will do free web site templates for anyone that asks. If you have the design I'll turn it into a web site template for you. Just get in touch.
    Geoff Tyrer
  5. SinfulDJ

    SinfulDJ New Member

    Hey dennis, what was your MOS? glad to see other vets on here. I was with the 92MP BN outta fort hood.

  6. dfetl1

    dfetl1 New Member

    Hey Vet

    HI, my mos was 11b, Vietnam Era. Are you planning on building a website?

    I have one now call www.marketunlimited.com. I am going to make it a financial Site. I will change it for people searching for low interest credit cards, one day loans, health and life insurance. Got any sugestion for me?. Just waiting to get the money togeter to build a landing page and advertisement.

    Sgt Dennis
  7. SinfulDJ

    SinfulDJ New Member

  8. tomw

    tomw Member

    Hey Sarge,

    I was also served in the Vietnam Era. Got drafted but did not get sent oversea. My MOS were 35M and 31L (I think).

    I'm into building a CMS. Don't know much about building website or running a company. Here is a site that might help. Good luck with your venture.

    Spec-4 tomw
  9. SinfulDJ

    SinfulDJ New Member

    Yea I did a 14 month tour in Baghdad, training Iraqi Police.. different wars.. same bs
  10. dfetl1

    dfetl1 New Member

    Hey nice haveing you serveing. What are your plans for civilian life. I work for VA Hospital in Manhattan, NY.

  11. tomw

    tomw Member

    I'm no longer serving. You signed off as Sgt so I signed off with my rank of Spec-4. I served two years active duty and four years on standby, can't call myself a veteran since I did not go over there.

    Is the VA Hospital near Bellevue? Do you have any experience running the business you have in mind?

    I'm retired now but keeping my mind active in programming, which was my last job for twenty years. Feel free to contact me if you need help building your website. I may able to help by using the CMS I'm currently developing.
  12. SinfulDJ

    SinfulDJ New Member

    Im a civilian now have been for almost a year after being medically retired.