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Awaiting Reply Unhinged Hottie -

Discussion in 'Free Logos' started by Kim Anderson, Sep 1, 2014.

  1. Kim Anderson

    Kim Anderson New Member

    Jacqueline has been blessed with many different abilities to scare boys. She has studied martial arts since the age of 2. She broke the arm of a 10 year old bully when she was 5. She started skateboarding at the age of 3 and surfing at 5. By 9 she was winning under 18 competitions, often with the boys.

    She is smartest girl in her class, cares for everyone, and generally loves to be a girl. At first, she had two sets of friends... then discovered she was doing a disservice to all by pretending the worlds were different. She is now 16 and changing the world.

    The one thing she has never been able to stand is the boys and, worse yet, the GIRLS who think women do not belong in the extreme sports and should be concentrating on looking "pretty". Since the guys in her sports would compliment her as "Unhinged" when she did things that scared them and refer to cute girls as "Hottie" when they were just being pigs on the street... she became the "Unhinged Hottie". She embraces the fact that she scares boys with her sports and her very feminine body.

    She uses revenues from clothes she designs to provide surfing, skateboarding, and other classes to both sexes. ( Her father and I pay for all of her activities.) She originally designed the logo based on yin and yang, showing balance in an unhinged life... only to be compared to a logo of submarine shop.

    Please offer suggestions for art and logo.

    Color: monotone - where could be black or white depending on background color.
    Font: rough, course, slightly out of balance - fits with unhinged lifestyle.
    Media: sports clothing, and maybe some dresses, print, and web eventually - most repeat customers like that it is almost a club that know of the unhinged hottie, a website may make it feel more pedestrian.

    We are thinking just an image that we can put different prints and fonts with... but would be curious about an unhinged font.

    Many blessing to you all,

    Jacqueline and Kim

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  2. Ruthe

    Ruthe Community Manager

    Hey @Kim Anderson! Back for a second logo request? :)

    Thanks for sharing your daughter's story! I gather that this logo is for the school from which she provides surfing/skateboarding/other classes? Or is it for the clothing label she designs for?

    Again, do read our graphic request rules thread and reply this post with your answers to the questions in it. This will help our designers come up with something that's as close as possible to what you're looking for. ;)
  3. Kim Anderson

    Kim Anderson New Member

    Hi Ruthe, I am happy to "meet" you.

    It is used for both. For each of her "school" classes, she takes Unhinged Hottie clothes with her. You would be surprised how much of teen, misses, and women's active wear does not seem to be designed for activity. So she offers a change to those girls. The opposite extreme is loose fitting clothes that would work as a drag parachute in the water, snag on things when climbing, and other bad things.

    Normally girls have to choose between being active and celebrating being a girl... we should all work to change it.

    The only question I think that I did not answer from the list is the target audience. There are two. First is the young women. We should celebrate femininity without the extreme of a comic book character. Each of the images have been driven by real women surfers. Gabby, Rachael, and two others (that I don't remember).

    The second is young men - which we need to buy 12 pieces of clothing for each one that is given away. So the logo should be appealing to them.


  4. Ruthe

    Ruthe Community Manager

    Ah that's really informative, Kim! Love all the details you're providing us with.

    However, to facilitate our designers in finding the information they need fast (they do have quite a number of templates and logos to design!), could you reply this thread using the format we've stated in the graphic request rules thread?

    You can just copy and paste the information you've already supplied as answers to their respective questions.

    We'll proceed with the next stage for your request once you've done that.

    Thank you! :)