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School start up logo needed

Discussion in 'Free Logos' started by Declan2000, Nov 9, 2014.

  1. Declan2000

    Declan2000 New Member

    Hi I'm Declan

    Basically my school are taking part in a business challenge where groups of pupils start up real life companies and compete against other schools and business's we are in need of a logo and hope someone can help us.

    Firstly We need a company logo


    About:Azzuro means blue so we would like to uncooperative this in too the logo.

    Secondly a product front cover/logo

    We currently are doing pre made cakes and desserts where all the dry ingredients are measured and packed nicely so a cake might be good to add in.

    We have a slogan of Easy Bake Amazing Cake

    If you need any other details just ask thank you anyone who can help

    Here are
    Some rough sketches people have done ignor the slogan on the main logo

    Attached Files:

  2. Declan2000

    Declan2000 New Member

    Sorry for grammar I meant incorporate