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Websites review supporters website?

Discussion in 'Reviews' started by REDDEVIL, Jul 28, 2010.


    REDDEVIL New Member

  2. iamclueless

    iamclueless New Member

    I only have one real suggestion - I would move the "login" more towards the top of the screen. Using 1024x768 resolution, the "login" is not noticeable on the first screen of the site - they need to scroll down to login.

    Otherwise, the site appears to accomplish the basic task you have it set up for.
  3. navyfalcon

    navyfalcon Well-Known Member Verified Member

  4. Geoff Tyrer

    Geoff Tyrer Member


    One suggestion would be to style the links on the top nav bar to indicate which page is on display.

    And maybe round some more corners to match the bottom of the page e.g. header box and top of page body (just below top nav bar).

    Geoff Tyrer
  5. liesauk

    liesauk Member


    I think it is pretty easy to navigate (even though I speak english!) I do think though that for such a professional looking site, your images let you down a little, they are rather bitty and a bit white around the edges. I hope you don't mind me giving my opinion

  6. jack daniels

    jack daniels New Member

    Very professional and easy to navigate website, I would agree with Geoff Tyrer that the selected tab should be shaded or coloured differently to show which one is selected.
  7. WIPS10

    WIPS10 New Member

    Yeah, google translate would be nice. Log-in should be towards the top for easy access. I couldn't read anything on the actual website, but the layout looked good other than what I mentioned. Everything seemed to be in order. Great job!!!
  8. halfmoon

    halfmoon New Member

    Good stuff but agree with the suggestions particularly about identifying what page you're on a little bit more clearly perhaps by either highlighting or embossing the tab. Great work though :)
  9. d!gg!ty

    d!gg!ty New Member

    THe logo needs some cleaning up. The only other qualm I have is I feel so overwhelmed by red. Maybe you should try a black acent.
  10. ahache

    ahache New Member

    - logo and tab edging is a bit "fuzzy" needs to be crisper to make them stand out.
    - logo should also be re-sized to allow a better depiction of the images and text.

    - I love the red color. Very bold and works well with the bright white text boxes and black lettering.
    - all links appear to be working, although without being able to understand the language I can't be certain they are taking me to the page the intend.

    - i agree with a translator being a nice added touch, although that will depend greatly on who is using your site the most.

    Looks Great otherwise!
  11. Moutios

    Moutios New Member

    Easy to navigate and to look around site, but maybe you could change your fonts to something more "luxurious", this way it seems something somewhat more "amateur".

    Since most Antwerp fans are from Belgium, a google translator would besomewhat unaccesary.

    Good luck this season Red Devils!