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Websites Review of my websites please

Discussion in 'Reviews' started by Osman, May 21, 2012.

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  1. Osman

    Osman Member

    Hi, I have recently made 3 websites which I'd like to get reviewed if possible.

    I'm interested to know in particular your thoughts on the following:
    1) Is the website aesthetically pleasing
    2) Is the website easy to navigate, user-friendly
    And for each of those questions,
    a) Yes/No/Somewhat
    b) Briefly, what could be done to improve
    3) Any other issues you'd like to mention

    The first website was for a Dry Cleaning business, they were very particular in the color scheme and the style of the website they wanted, but here it is anyway:
    Greenfield Dryclean: http://greenfielddryclean.com/

    I'm currently working on two websites, in which I pretty much have a free-role in designing, with the exception of the colour-scheme. The second one doesn't have hosting yet so I've uploaded it to the first one, here they are:
    BaandBaaja: http://baandbaaja.com/
    MajikMarketing: http://baandbaaja.com/mm/

    MajikMarketing job became MajikEvents (sister site) & should be up soon at http://majikevents.co.uk/ but for the time being you can preview the site here:
    MajikEvents: http://majikevents.co.uk.helmcontrolpanel.net/

    I was (always) very unhappy with the drycleaners website, so I gave it a whole new layout!

    Would appreciate it even if you only wanted to review one of them. Thanks!!
  2. navyfalcon

    navyfalcon Well-Known Member Verified Member

  3. Osman

    Osman Member

    Ah, thanks for pointing that out (I didn't know that).

    Just to confirm, the search engines read this tag:
    <meta name="description" ...>
    For the description under the title?
  4. navyfalcon

    navyfalcon Well-Known Member Verified Member

    Google (the most popular search engine) allows 66 characters (including spaces) in the
    title (the most important meta tag) and Google allows 150 characters in the description
    (the second most important meta tag). Use your best keywords (the words and phrases
    people use to find your website) in the title and description (helps you get position on
    Google and other search engines).
    hope this helps
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  5. navyfalcon

    navyfalcon Well-Known Member Verified Member

    I like the pictures when you scroll over the menu at the top
    The photos are great and the rotation is at a good speed
    Question ? who selected the background colors ?
    Where is the complete doc type
    same problem with meta tags as on the other site
    hope this helps
  6. Osman

    Osman Member

    Cheers... I was given 'purple and black' as the colour scheme. I made a gradient in photoshop black fading into purple and used that for the background image.

    Yeah I know, I never put any search-engine meta tags in any of my sites, will have to update them when I get the chance.

    The <!doctype html> is the doctype for the new html5 standard. I originally used a load of HTML5 tags (header, footer, article, aside, nav) but when I realised it caused incorrect display in IE7-8 I changed them to DIVs.

    Thanks for your reviews :)
  7. Pamela Massey

    Pamela Massey New Member


    New to this so please go easy!! Not the most technical but have a view on look and appeal from the non technical.

    First impressions are colours are right up my street - simple but elegant.

    Please dont think me picky but can the scroll bare not be made to either have three visible on the screen at one time or four. I don't mind scrolling to see more but don' like to see half of one hanging on the page. Also the second line of buttons seem slightly offline to the tops ones and it catches me eye.

    Hope this helps
  8. nella81

    nella81 New Member

    I love the simplicity of the dry cleaners website, my only draw back is the moving van on the delivery page, it might just be my computer but it took a little while to get into 5th gear and move off the screen :)
    Other than that its great, very aesthetically pleasing and very very easy to navigate. Also the colours are perfectly suited, the browny colour isnt harsh on the eye but fits in nicely with the green.
    Good JoB :)
  9. nella81

    nella81 New Member

    the baaandbaaja site (the first one) is in one word "STUNNING"
    I absolutely love love love the colours you have used. ITs clean and crisp and very professional which being in a "girly" pink and purple colour it certainly does not lose any of its professionalism. Sometimes the harsher colours make the sites look tacky and not very well thought out but the combination you have used here is perfect. One and only ONE little negative for me is the title. I think its too small and the colours dont draw enough attention to it. The white and purple makes it just a little hard to read at first glance...Im not sure if a more prominant colour might benefit it just a tad more or a different font style.

    again though this is only being VERY VERY picky!! its a fabulous website
  10. Turtletello

    Turtletello New Member

    1) Not a fan of the colors but you listed that they were strict. With that being said it seems to flow well.
    2) Very easy to navigate. The bar at the top is pronounced and eye catching. The car that drives across the delivery page was also a nice touch!

    Baa And Baaja
    1) Amazing! The purple and shades of pink play off each other amazingly well. The only thing I would change is the "blur" or "shadow" effect on the font in the drop down menus. I found that a bit corny but hey I'm new to this and just trying to throw out some helpful info. Also the title could be more pronounced at the top center.
    2)As with the other site this one is also very easy to navigate.

    Majik Marketing
    1) Unfortunately not really a fan of this one. The pages to navigate at the top seem to be not formatted uniformly and the main photo that scrolls seems to be slow and of low quality...not sure if that is just a stock image that was to be changed.
  11. donluigi86

    donluigi86 New Member

    Here are my thoughts for whay they are worth;

    Greenfield Dryclean
    1) aesthetically average to be blunt. But if the style they were going for was simple and un-cluttered then you have definitely achieved that aesthetically for them. I'm a fan of the way the text appears gradually over the background picture so that great BUT not so sure how much visitors will wait to view this nice little feature........
    2) Navigation is excellent. I'm a massive fan of simplicity when it comes to websites and navigationally it couldn't be simpler to get around the website i.e. no information is buried deeply behind different tabs/pages....

    Suggestions: Would be good to see the 'Clients' page populated with something......

    1) aesthetically brilliant apart from the BaandBaaja font and style at the top. I just don't feel like as it is at the moment it fits with the rest of the website aesthetically.

    2) Navigation is a bit all over the place. For instance, the About Us tab I would have over on the left hand side. As thesite is signposting people to other sites for some services (Pooja Sweets and Savouries) it would be useful to have the About Us very visible first so people can see what the site is actually for - or even integrate the about us within the front page. Also, many of the hyperlinks don't go anywhere - but I assume that is obviously a work in progress

    1) Aesthetically "slick". I really like this. Its very simple and none of the colours used or fonts are too glaring or over the top.

    2) Not too sure about the positioning of the scrolling bar at the bottom for displaying the services on offer. It clutters the homepage. I think maybe tabulating each service on the front page instead would make navigation easier and also add (to the already good) aesthetics of the site. The info in the scrolling bar could be inserted in the "Why use us" link at the top????

    I hope some of that helps........
  12. Osman

    Osman Member

    Hey everyone thanks a bunch for the feedback! Really appreciate it.
    Sorry for the late replies, but here they are:

    Pamela: I completely understand what you mean (I hate that too) but this sounds like the site you are viewing is being displayed incorrectly. Mind telling me which website you were looking at, and what browser & screen resolution you have? Thanks.
    Nella: Thanks for your feedback. Greenfield Dryclean: I actually wasn't a big fan on this site, and had a lot of constraints on me when I first designed it. I got fed up with it the other day, and decided to re-design the site, lol. You can see the new design at the same place if you wish!
    I am so glad you loved the baandbaaja site! I also felt that the logo wasn't good enough, thank you for confirming this to me. It was the first thing I designed in Illustrator in a few minutes, the client (my cousin) was with me at the time is easily satisfied and told me thats what they wanted to use! I think its stuck now.

    Turtletello: Thanks for all of your reviews. As for the greenfield site, I wasn't a fan either, so I redesigned the whole thing! I think it looks a lot better now. For the time being I'm not too concerned with the transparent background of the navigation bar, but I'm glad thats the only thing you could say you disliked! As for the MajikMarketing site, yes the images are of low quality, unfortunately some things are out of my control and the images are supplied by the client (in this case!). I have however changed it slightly and the client has changed most of the images. If you read the editted thread starter you'll get the new link to that site.

    donluigi86: Thanks for all of your reviews. I have actually replaced the greenfield website with a new one - the clients page CONTENT was never supplied by the client so I have just left it out in the new site.
    I have fixed a lot of issues of null-content & non-working links on BaandBaaja (it was being developed at the time of your review) & I have changed slightly the MajikMarketing site (which is now MajikEvents). You're right, the scroll bar wasn't positioned right and I hadn't set it to scroll enough on each click, neither was it scrolling smoothly. It would have been fixed, except that the client had no content to put in those links anyway, so I had just removed it for now. Its a very simple site, but it looks a bit better since the last time when you saw it - because of the nicer images for each page & the gallery effect. I would be interested in hearing your views on the new stuff, links are in the editted thread starter!

    Thanks again girls & guys for your feedback :)
  13. donluigi86

    donluigi86 New Member

    Hi Osman,

    I've got to say that after having a look at the dry cleaners website and the MajikEvents one again, both now look far better. For me, they are both much easier to navigate and the aesthetics of both are cleaner and simpler. All I would say is that on the Dry Cleaners website some of the main pictures at the top of each page look a little bit stretched which takes away (albeit slightly) from the professional look of the rest of the website.....if there was something you could do about this (perhaps even removing the main picture seeing as you have pictures below) then that would continue to improve the website.

    All the best and happy to help......
  14. WLC

    WLC New Member

    Dry Cleaners:

    1) Is the website aesthetically pleasing

    2) Is the website easy to navigate, user-friendly
    And for each of those questions,
    a) Yes/No/Somewhat
    b) Briefly, what could be done to improve
    3) Any other issues you'd like to mention

    1) Yes. Nice and simple looking (which is no bad thing, IMO).
    2.a) Yes, very.
    2.b) I think the About Us page could be improved by fleshing it out a bit. Where is the company based, how long have they been established, etc.
    3) Nope. :)
    Osman likes this.
  15. camcan

    camcan New Member


    Just been looking over your websites.

    All three are some class pieces of work with in there target area.

    the first one colours are eye catching and plain to see as you scroll over topics it is plain to see the area it covers.
    the pictures are stunning giving the company a portrait of pure class. in the services they provide.

    It is very easy to navigate.
    agree as above the home page needs some thing else when the page first popped up i thought it was for custom dresses not the whole package . if there was a way of emphasizing that the site offers the complete package for wedding of there dreams would be . would be ideal for a one stop shop senario.

    These are my personal veiws im not that good with computers so the review is from a joe plublic point of veiw.

    The second site is really slick the moving pictures on home screen envite you to dive right in and expore the site colours are spot on. it has a swanky hotel procure feel to it is really good.

    the third is spot on for the target audience very informative .

    AS before All three are very good
    Osman likes this.
  16. gianga

    gianga New Member


    • i like the choice of color within your homepage.
    • i think in some of the pictures, in order to make it look more professional, the use of high def pics would be appropriate. Moreover, some of the pictures look a little strectched and take away from the overall quality of the images.
    • i think the overall navigation of your website is simplistic and easy to scroll through, which is essential.
    • Furthermore, id like to congratulate you and wish u success in the near future.
    Kindly, GD.
  17. Justin Hardy

    Justin Hardy Member

    1) Is the website aesthetically pleasing - YES
    2) Is the website easy to navigate, user-friendly - YES
    And for each of those questions,
    a) Yes/No/Somewhat
    b) Briefly, what could be done to improve
    3) Any other issues you'd like to mention

    Hope thats ok!?

  18. guicho

    guicho New Member

    I checked the http://greenfielddryclean.com/ website and it looks good, except for text under About US and Contact US. You have to highlight the text in order to read it as the font color is black and because of the picture in the background you can't read it. I would change it to one that's visible but also has a good contrast with the pics.
    Good Luck!
  19. JamesEubank

    JamesEubank New Member

    Hey, this is James
    I seen the sites that you mentioned.
    Its cool and beautiful. But I the word Baand Baaja is not quite convincing...
    Can you change this?
  20. kingston250

    kingston250 New Member

    you are providing a good service of dry cleaning. i think your website is so good and no need any necessary change. approximately other sites are also good.
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