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Websites Review of my current guesthouse website

Discussion in 'Reviews' started by Mildju, Aug 26, 2014.

  1. Mildju

    Mildju Member


    I'd like you to review my website : http://www.lamaisondeleochille.be based on the following information :

    1. Content

    My wife and I had the chance to buy and renovate an old barn four years ago. We decided to rent it as tourism is well developed in our area. And what's the best way to promote such an activity ? A website, of course ! :)

    The most important sections are the ones giving details about the house itself, the rates and available periods.

    I did everything from scratch by myself. Even if I'm a Software Engineer, I knew almost nothing about PHP and HTML, and I don't even talk about web design... That's why I requested a new free template by the way. ;) But I take also this opportunity to ask you a full review of the current version as I should keep the content even after a design update.

    2. Target audience

    Most of our visitors are Dutch-speaking people. There are also French, German and English-speaking tourists visiting our province. That's why my website is available in those four different languages.
    As there are two bedrooms available, target audience is more like a family with two children max. or old married couples looking for holidays in our wooded area, world famous for its 1940-1945 war history (WWII, Bastogne, etc...).

    3. Keywords

    I did nothing for having my website SEO-optimized. Because I don't really know where to start actually. And I've got also the feeling the way to improve the visibility is changing every 3 months. :confused:

    Ideally a Google search based on keywords like 'Ardennes', 'guesthouse', '4 people' should return my website on the first results page, which is pretty hard as there are a lot of similar websites. I'd like also to have the same result with the same translated keywords. :oops:

    4. Remarks

    Google+ and Facebook accounts + Gmail address have been created. The location of our guesthouse has also been recorded on Google Maps. From time to time, I have a look at Google Analytics.

    Thanks a lot for your help.
  2. AleksaPhoto

    AleksaPhoto Banned

    From my point of view, site is really nice, easy to use and good for an eye :)
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  3. IrishDreamer

    IrishDreamer New Member

    Great job on the renovation!

    I like your color scheme and found your website easy to navigate. All the links worked well for me in multiple browsers.

    I only have a couple of possible suggestions for you to consider. Maybe adding a gallery of a few photos that automatically cycles on the home page. The photo you have is great, but maybe a photo of the main living area, bedroom, etc. The other thing I've noticed is many websites now offer the ability to automatically enlarge photos when you hover over them, which is something you might consider as an alternative to the click to enlarge/click through gallery.

    I have no real knowledge of SEO so can't help you in that area, sorry.
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  4. praveenrajan

    praveenrajan New Member

    Your website's speed is 2sec , so loading time is great. but you have 16 java script files , only 3 to 5 files are recommended.
  5. Matt Wlliams

    Matt Wlliams New Member

    Id have the gallery link on the front page [i may have missed it] so it draws you in straight away. Love the look and feel thpugh very user friendly
  6. Piebo

    Piebo New Member

    Really nicely laid out, easy to use nice colour scheme really fast load times overall very nice. can't comment on the HTML or PHP because you know more about that than i ever will so will leave that to others.
  7. vanessa110

    vanessa110 New Member

    When you do all of factors in your website, it is very good for you in SEO. On-page is one of the most important activities in increasing your website ranking.