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review my website

Discussion in 'Reviews' started by jammyrose, Mar 8, 2015.

  1. jammyrose

    jammyrose New Member

  2. kumars1984

    kumars1984 New Member

    Like it :). Its clean and simple. Keep it that way
  3. CSSBrush

    CSSBrush New Member

    frankly, I'd create a blog rather than a website for this
  4. AshDye

    AshDye New Member

    Simple & clean, very good for a (i presume) first attempt.

    I would also go with a blog for this though, would appeal to a wider range of audiences.

    But a nice site, and ive noted some of the status' haha!
    Marcko92 likes this.
  5. ChubbyHub

    ChubbyHub New Member

    It's simple and great. Nice design
  6. vanessa110

    vanessa110 New Member

    Good job! Keep trying :LOL::love:;)
  7. Matthew Cuthbertson

    Matthew Cuthbertson New Member

    Very good, clean and nice and simple. Keep going, its a very good start.
  8. Joseph Cowley

    Joseph Cowley New Member

    Layout and design as pointed out looks really good and works well for the site. I do think it would benefit from maybe having a site logo on the top banner, I don't think it would take away from the well-received simplicity of the site and it would make it look just that bit more professional :)
  9. Rockk45

    Rockk45 New Member

    Straightforward and spotless, useful for a first endeavor.

    I would likewise run with an online journal for this however, would speak to a more extensive scope of groups of onlookers.