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Websites Review my Web Templates site

Discussion in 'Reviews' started by Kavita Martin, Jan 19, 2011.

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  1. Kavita Martin

    Kavita Martin New Member

    Hi Guys,
    How is my Website

    (link removed)

    Please take a look on my Website Templates and Joomla Templates. Also suggest me about the designing, structure and site-map of this website and its designed Templates .
  2. CovertPea

    CovertPea Moderator Staff Member Verified Member

    Lots of give and take goes on around here Kavita.
    If you're genuine about having your site reviewed and not just here to dump links (which you can see I've now made into plain text) then please give back by offering reviews requested here by other members.

  3. H4rdstyle4ever

    H4rdstyle4ever New Member

    Hey mate, congratulations with an awesome site! :D

    My mind blown away as I opened the page, I was expecting something, but could never prepare for that.

    *The domain is absolutely wonderful.
    *Smart build navigation-system.
    *Great way of showing products.
    *Search function (+)
    *Live chat is nice.
    *The about section is easily available.
    *Footer with everything needed.
    *Clean header.

    My only suggestion for you is to add a preview mode so you can open up a default website in another tab in your browser and see the page in full-scale.

    Anyways great work, and good luck.

  4. DJSynergy

    DJSynergy New Member

    Wow, very nice website. Some things I noticed:

    Great gradient background.
    Easy to read fonts, easy on the eyes
    Nice internet-browser like tabs at the top
    The chat thing can get annoying but it's probably worth it if customers can get in contact with someone quickly.

    You might want to make the main font a little larger.

    Other than that, I cant find anything else I would change.
  5. manifest

    manifest New Member

    Nice website I like the rotating picture things really nice.! user-friendly website i like that! The only thing i would change is the rotating picture thing. It should be when you hover on the pictures it would change to the picture your mouse is on not when your scrolling.
  6. CovertPea

    CovertPea Moderator Staff Member Verified Member

    No reply to those generous enough to respond to his request.
    No helping around the forum.
    I think I was right.

    Thanks for your input guys. I'll now be removing any mention of his website and closing the thread.

    Mean Mod
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.