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Websites Review My Site : Photo Gallery, Video and Music

Discussion in 'Reviews' started by jaran, Nov 26, 2013.

  1. jaran

    jaran New Member

    This is review my new site containing about niche article, music, video and photo gallery. Its using responsive theme support all screen size of browser. I need someone give me review, feedback, attention or anything good/bad tell me about my site. Im really glad to appreciate for all feedback. Here my website :

  2. JaeCy

    JaeCy Member

    I like your site. I don't know much about design but it is well done. The pages load fast, all the links work and there is just the right amount of content. Your site has everything: video, pictures and music and somehow you've found a way to have them all blend harmoniously. Everything runs so smoothly. Kudos!
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  3. jaran

    jaran New Member

    Thanks for the feedback. :)
  4. Dawn

    Dawn Community Manager

    Hi jaran,

    Nice site you have there, very clean and simple design. And great to see that it's responsive as well!

    One small suggestion: Maybe at the bottom of each song/video page, you could display a selection of related content? A visual list of specific songs/videos that the user might like, rather than just a textual list of similar artists, would motivate users to continue browsing your site. :)
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  5. jaran

    jaran New Member

    Thanks Dawn.
    But the features related to the artist/song each download link does not install because it would be detected bad for SEO. Its too many links makes confused the visitor. You can see it the features when using search track/artist at "Similar Track" and also on the download link page. Anyway, I really appreciated your feedback too. :)