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Websites Review my new forum

Discussion in 'Reviews' started by cheapez, Sep 29, 2006.

  1. cheapez

    cheapez New Member

    Please visit: http://smartaliens.com/forums/
    or http://www.forums.smartaliens.com

    The site is 7 months old,
    I just deleted everythings and installed a new forum.
    Forum description: Discuss on many topics about computer, web design, web development, programming....

    Any feeback, please post them here.

    Thank all.
  2. webhobbiest

    webhobbiest New Member

    Over all, It all looks nice. I like the color combo. Looks very attractive. ease of use is good. One thing I would do different is this. On each catagory you have:

    Web Hosting Discussions
    Webhosting questions & comments. Please don't post any offers or requests

    The room rules seem to be right there on every one. I would do a sticky on each one so that it appears to be more inviting to a new guest. Though all forums need rules, the idea is to draw people into it. I think the way it currently is, implies a negative.

    That's my 2 cents for what it is worth.