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Websites Review : FREE Image Hosting Service

Discussion in 'Reviews' started by poison17, Apr 1, 2009.

  1. poison17

    poison17 Banned

    I want some opinions for a website that I launched 2 days ago:

    Free Image Hosting - Cerzo.com.

    It's a small website but with some great features : It's free, and uploaded images can be up to 10 mb, you can upload 15 images in the same time, etc, etc.

    The design was made by a friend. I can ask him to change some things.

    So.. I wanna hear some opinions about the website.
  2. poison17

    poison17 Banned

    hmmm.. noone ?
  3. poison17

    poison17 Banned

    Review : FREE Image Hosting Website

    I want some advices about a new website of mine.

    The website is My Image Host, a free picture hosting and sharing services.

    I want to know your honest opinion about graphics, layout, other things that I've missed.

    If you notice something wrong, please specify what browser and OS do you use.

    Any other advice about the site / service is welcome.

    Thank you.
  4. poison17

    poison17 Banned

    Review : my new Blog

    hey !

    After creating several months ago a blog on blogspot platform, I decided to learn more, and start over with all this... blogging.

    So.. after I spent some time reading, I decided to go and make a new blog.

    It's attached on one of my sites , my-image-host.com

    The blog is : my-image-host.com Blog

    It's a blog about images, pictures, explanations about image formats, advices and tips about editing pictures, etc.

    It's a do-follow blog, I want my visitors to comment on my posts and participate in discussions.

    I want advices from people who own blogs and can advice me what to do in the future, about needed plugins, etc.

    Please give your opinion about graphics, template, etc.
  5. poison17

    poison17 Banned

    thank you admin for joining all the topics into a single one.

    to anyone.. when you give the opinions and advices, please specify what website did you reviewed.
  6. deyounggerry

    deyounggerry New Member

    Hello I had a look at cerzo.com. I hadn't seen it for a long time. It looks like you have made a lot of changes. The header looks real good and the whole site looks improved. No negatives here.

    KAINSMONEY New Member

    Looks very nice , congrats .