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Websites Retro Gaming Website Review Please

Discussion in 'Reviews' started by liesauk, Aug 16, 2010.

  1. liesauk

    liesauk Member

    Good evening everyone!

    Well, gulp I am ready to let my baby go out into the world and I would love your thoughts on the new site.

    Many thanks to Genuine Graphics for the BRILLIANT logo! :D

    I do hope you enjoy it, I look forward to hearing your views

  2. emilybaileys

    emilybaileys New Member

    I, for one, really like it! It's really easy to navigate, and I'm really liking your logo. Your color scheme works for me, and it's just a fun site to check out.
  3. djwilson

    djwilson New Member

    I don't like the background, sorry. When i'm trying to read the very small text all I can see is a blur of background blue and whites.

    I really like the logo GG has done a really good job of it.

    What happens when someone contacts you with a review? Do you post it on your website or something? I'm not quite sure of the purpose of the website.
  4. liesauk

    liesauk Member

    hi! thanks for the reviews!

    The purpose of the website is to let people know where we are basically.. we have had a website for a while and just wanted it to look more retro hence the colours and the background. But I shall take into account general opinion of the website colours and thanks again!! the reviews will be posted on the website page reviews.html as is stated in the sub category.

  5. Moutios

    Moutios New Member

    1. Change the background, it dazzles you! Maybe a nice Mario background could work.

    2. Make the fonts under the logo larger, you can barely see it at 100%.

    3. Not much else to add, since it is pretty emprty, but keep working!

    Good work so far.
  6. hilljroberts

    hilljroberts New Member

    Great Job!

    A couple things I see:

    1. Your comments box on the "Contact Us" page is going past the div width set up in your css.... You'll need to resize the box.

    2. The background is pretty painful to look at on a big screen, the small lines almost give me a headache. I know you're trying to go for a retro look, what about a ----o---o----o pacman yellow on black style in the background? Should be pretty easy to do. The trick though is to make it larger.... the small lines trick your eyes into seeing the refresh rate on your monitor which can be tough to look at.

    3. As far as the reviews.... you may want to implement a wordpress or blogging engine for that, that way you don't have to do things over email and "hand-censor" everything.
  7. liesauk

    liesauk Member

    Thanks so much for all the positive help!! I have changed the background for now to a more eye appealing grey and made the information under the logo larger as suggested. As for the resizing of the CSS i shall see if I am clever enough to do that lol.

    A blogging engine? this is a new venture for me.. would you be kind enough to explain please


  8. 1970Forest

    1970Forest Moderator Staff Member

    Hi Liesa

    Firstly your site is much improved on the old one; GG logo fits perfectly (Can't keep giving the guy too much of an ego boost!!)

    IMPO you need a darker font too, and yes all the script needs to be larger, must be me eyes are failing me...lol.

    I get the concept, but you may want to consider putting some of your products on there, letting your customers know what exactly you deal with, they then don't have to guess / hope you stock what they are looking for.

    Anyway onwards and upwards
  9. Hotspace

    Hotspace New Member

    I see it being simple and to the point. But it needs larger font. And. Some flash because of the gaming. A banner of various games :)
  10. hammad

    hammad New Member

    This is not a bad site... it has a nice colour combination, good links but not much data is stored on it! Also, you should also put up some demo games so that the person seeing the website is assured that the gamer gaming area has neat games! anyways, besides that, it is a generally nice-built website with light colour-combinations...
  11. liesauk

    liesauk Member

    Hi Guys thanks so much for your constructive comments! I am going to enlarge the fonts later this week. I also just want to point out that the we don't sell games online nor are we a 'gaming' site, we are a shop that sells retro games (snes megadrive etc) to a customer who comes into our shop. I shall get some pictures of the shop soon and post them on the site.

    but once again thanks for all the comments!!

  12. OldH

    OldH New Member

    Although you have just replied, just thought I'd add that I do like the colours, and my comment would be to fix the size and positioning of some of the boxes, like the copyright at the bottom right of your page.
  13. senore

    senore New Member

    1. The background colour doesnt give it a gamer feel.
    2. If i'm not mistaken.contact and Location of the shop should be under the same link.
    3. As much as you want to keep it simple, the site all in all is a little too simple and not catching for visitors to come back to it.
  14. liesauk

    liesauk Member

    thanks for the feedback!

    to be honest and not being flippant, but I don't need them to come back often, it is, after all just a site to let people know where the shop is. We don't intend on selling from there and its purely to let people know that the shop is in town.
    I did have a different background but I think it was decided it was TOO eye catching lol.. I shall have a look around for a retro colour to use instead.. this website malarky is soooo fickly hehehehe

  15. turboa4

    turboa4 New Member


    The background colors and text color seem a little boring and almost seems to blend in too much making it hard to see. some parts the text seems too small. need more a gamer feel to it. I know you wanted something simple but this almost seems too simple in regards to content. The contact us page seems like it could be edited so fit the comment box and not cover up the logo.

  16. slowey

    slowey New Member

    As you will be selling from your shop it might be wise to add a google map or other map of some sort with directions to exactly where you are.
  17. liesauk

    liesauk Member

    o0o slowey What a great idea! :D

  18. thefurnituretaxi

    thefurnituretaxi New Member

    the logo rocks. the concept rocks. the content is solid

    background must go a bit darker

    and the font has to be easier to read.

    i really think that you have a niche market that you are trying to tap into and an e-commerce platform for selling retro games online would work beautifully with your site.
  19. liesauk

    liesauk Member

    thanks so much Taxi for your input! It means a lot that you have taken your time to give us your opinion. With regard to the font, what bit of it is difficult please? Is it the colour or the actual font? I find it difficult to be objective as I look at it so often lol. I am Looking for a different bg as we speak.

    thanks again Liesa
  20. legend2010

    legend2010 New Member

    This site does what it says, it lets you know your here. Thats good but maybe if you put a little demo game or something, It would give an idea on what to expect to people not familiar with retro games. Also instead of of youtube links, if you did your own little taster catalogue on whats available