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Websites Retro Game Shop Review please

Discussion in 'Reviews' started by liesauk, Feb 23, 2011.

  1. missk226

    missk226 New Member

    Hi love the site super easy to navigate - very user friendly and professional looking. The only thing I would add is that your background is almost too white and too plain? Can you add colored sidebars or some pictures that are relevant ? Otherwise, looks good and love the idea!
  2. dukestravels1972

    dukestravels1972 New Member

    Looks good. I would have gone a little more colourful though. But when I think of retro games I think the 80's, my time. Looks good though and you're ranked by google with plenty backlinks...no easy task. Needs some amstrads and c64's. :)
  3. ThatAfricanBoy

    ThatAfricanBoy New Member

    Heyllo, the first thing that caught my eye about the site was the great retro looking logo! Perfect for this kind of store. I think it would help if the main page took up as much space as the SHOP page, just more eye candy to draw customers in. The white works very well for the SHOP page, but I`d also like to see less white and more blue on the main page. I had no trouble at all navigating through any of the pages; very smartly organized. A banner at the bottom featuring contact information and links to social networking sites would aid in giving your site a more professional look. But all in all, not bad at all, one of the better sites I`ve seen for stores like those keep up the good work!
  4. Tom Hooker

    Tom Hooker New Member

    Most point have been covered. The only small thing I would maybe add is on the home page - Best Selling items. Maybe just 5 items that are popular at the time. Also in the news feed, you just mainly have pictures?

    Looks good though.


  5. webzi

    webzi New Member

    Really cool website, very easy to navigate. An idea would be to put video's of the games on there, they can be easily found on the net. How about changing the mouse icon to a retro character like mario, that would be cool
  6. Tom Hooker

    Tom Hooker New Member

    We want to buy your games and consoles. Send us an email with what you have and we will send you back a price!

    This needs a title, something to bring the eyes attention - WE WANT YOUR GAMES, or GET CASH NOW?

    I also don't like the wording of - We are hoping that you will contact us - Just a simple - CONTACT US NOW FOR MORE INFORMATION, OFFERS AND LATEST RELEASES? will be better.
  7. yumimumi

    yumimumi New Member

    Great website, easy to navigate through all the products and clearly labeled catagories, plus a cool design! ;)