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Websites Residential Community Website

Discussion in 'Reviews' started by gnoble, Jun 4, 2010.

  1. gnoble

    gnoble New Member

    This is a site that I quickly developed for one of my companies residential apartment complexes Avery Court. It is pretty basic but let me know what you all think.


    One of the things I want to check is if other IE users have problems with the Avery Court text in the upper left. It is a custom font but I know in the past with some IE users it just defaults to Arial. I have tried to preload the font but have had some difficulties.

    The site is not finished but I look forward to your comments.

  2. jin123

    jin123 New Member

    This is god website but it should be more attractive as people come on it than it stay here for a certain time.I also like this but not as i was thinking.
  3. tomw

    tomw Member

    Nice, I like the simple design. Since you have a favicon why not use that for the site logo.
  4. navyfalcon

    navyfalcon Well-Known Member Verified Member

    You have floor plans, why no pictures ??
    Maybe a map of the area ??
    Is it close to schools, close to shopping, close to bus stop ??
    hope this helps
  5. gnoble

    gnoble New Member

    @ navyfalcon
    There are floor plans on the main page but no photographs yet because the units are not staged and photo ready. The "Floor Plans" page will also include more plans and layouts once I get a chance to finish the site.

    There is an interactive map of the area on the "Location" page. I will be adding neighborhood info to that page as well.

    Does anyone know if there is a way to embed something like a yelp map of the area in order to show things that navyfalcon was mentioning (local schools, bus stops, shops, restaurants)?

    Good idea. I will see if I can incorporate that some how. Maybe with "Avery Court" under the logo.

    Can you be more specific?

    Thanks for the comments hope to hear some more.
  6. When will you be up with the site done?
  7. gnoble

    gnoble New Member

    I have been very busy but hopefully within the next couple of weeks.
  8. BostonBruisers

    BostonBruisers New Member

    Very easy to navigate Very easy on the eyes (color wise) which is very good. Maybe add pictures of one of the houses as an example of all the apartments. It says on the webiste its up for lease now
  9. Lexus

    Lexus New Member

    Elegant & Simple

    I love the fresh green you used. The site is simple & sweet. I think you would have some flash photos of the actual apartments/amenities together with some background music rather than the first thing i saw on the home page was a floor plan of the phases that started. Just my observation. Other than that i like the site.
  10. fwteb

    fwteb New Member

    I love the color and top border. However, when I first hit the site, I felt like I was a few pages in already. I'd prefer to see floor plans on their own page rather the front page.
  11. Montague

    Montague New Member

    I like the simplicity.
    I must agree with fwteb, though. I do not want to be scrolling on your home page. I'd prefer to land, and then have your destinations in easy reach, I can choose to go to layouts, location, amenities etc.

    Other than that, I like it.
  12. gnoble

    gnoble New Member

    Thanks for the remarks. I originally placed the floor plans of phase II on the homepage because they had just been built and it was recent news. Now that they have been open for a few weeks I will be moving them to the "Floor Plans" page. The "Floor Plans" page is currently under construction and I have begun working on it today. This is where all the units layouts, descriptions and photos will be. I will update when there is some substance on that page.

    Thanks again for all of the reviews.
  13. otheris

    otheris New Member

    I really like it.