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Awaiting Reply Request for Kit badge

Discussion in 'Free Logos' started by Dan Bruce, Oct 20, 2013.

  1. Dan Bruce

    Dan Bruce New Member

    Hi all, just come accross this website whilst struggling to create a Kit Badge for my new football team, and i was wondering if someone who knows what they're doing a bit more than me could be a good samaritan and help me out!

    I don't have many preferences as to what i want it to look like so please be creative
    The team name is: Campbell's Silf (please excuse our immaturity)
    Could we have Est. 2010 somewhere on it? and our team colours are a darkish Green with some black.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. leopolder

    leopolder New Member

    For your own football team to team. You need football shirt is made. I know a custom football shirt website http://www.tshirtinuk.com/ . He should be helpful to you.
  3. Dawn

    Dawn Community Manager

    Hi Dan and welcome to FWT!

    It would be much easier for our members to help you if you could specify in a little more detail what you want your badge to be like. Do take a look at this thread and give it a little thought, then post back here once you've decided :)
  4. Dawn

    Dawn Community Manager

    Hi @leopolder,

    I'm following up on any logo requests that we may inadvertently have missed. If you would still like to have this logo designed, please reply to this post with your answers to the required questions in this thread. Otherwise, your request will be closed within 30 days of this post.

    If your logo requirements have changed, please feel free to make a new request.

    Thank you for your time! :)
  5. mwl1080

    mwl1080 New Member

    I recommend googling Avec Sport for designing your kit, they have wicked cool custom football kits, that can come with your sponsors logo on the front, and most importantly the masterfully designed crests and badges from the fine folks @ Free Website Templates can be applied a number of different ways. That's where I'm getting MTFCs kit from.
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