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PHP Registration/login system php mysql

Discussion in 'Web Development' started by 325i, Jul 27, 2006.

  1. 325i

    325i New Member

    Hey i would like to create a simple registration and login system for my website for my school project. I have made a database in mysql for the users but now does anybody have a template for the register/login forms and the php files to connect the html to the database. Thanks for your help in advance.
  2. orpheusreborn

    orpheusreborn New Member

    do u knw php?
  3. Thau

    Thau New Member

  4. mcstec

    mcstec New Member

  5. moneyman_134

    moneyman_134 New Member

    You don't even need to know php for this site. Here, check it out. You may just need to edit the database info. Self explanatory.
  6. pauleet22

    pauleet22 New Member

    Hi guys
    I am also looking for login script but none of these links proved useful for me.
    Any other link plz!
  7. cyberquest

    cyberquest New Member

  8. barcajunior

    barcajunior New Member

  9. dmoses2

    dmoses2 New Member

    i want to create a class registration page. my language is c#. /any help would be appreciated. not sure where to start.
  10. quantumphp

    quantumphp New Member

    Free Login Script and Video Tutorial - Easy Kiss 123

    The best script I've found so far for a login system is at the easykiss123 website.

    The link to the script and video that walks you through setting it up is at
    Login Registration Setup - Easy Kiss 123

    Easy to setup and the video guide is a nice bonus.
  11. no1toolmkr

    no1toolmkr New Member

    check these guys out