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Websites Poor Farmers' Website...

Discussion in 'Reviews' started by islabucasgrande, Jul 5, 2010.

  1. islabucasgrande

    islabucasgrande New Member

    We have this site which is by far the very first farmers' website in our province. I'm not expert in design so I really don't know if you would come to like it but can you guys please review it and tell me how may I further improve its configuration?

    De Oro Conventional Farming - Intensive Fish Farming

    Thanks and God bless!
  2. TheWomensGame

    TheWomensGame New Member

    Wow, for some-one who says they don't know what they are doing this site is really good. Clean is the first thing I look for and organisation. I love the banner and headers which are simple yet eye catching.

    Maybe not so much information on the front page as it looks a little unbalanced. Just put the important information and link to the rest. A couple of paragraphs and a "read more" would be more effective.

    Otherwise I love it!


  3. Jfjoker

    Jfjoker New Member

    Just like the post before me said, the site is clean and easy to read. I like the interactive menus on the side bar where a visitor can ask a question. It seems you know a little more about designing a web site than you give yourself credit.
  4. islabucasgrande

    islabucasgrande New Member

    Thanks. That's flattering indeed. I am still into fine tuning and it's great to hear that so I can at least effect some change. God bless!
  5. barra

    barra New Member

    That music scared the daylights out of me..lol

    It looks pretty good. I found the font in most of the text a little too together,,sort of looked cramped up.

    But overall its much better than my work..lol
  6. navyfalcon

    navyfalcon Well-Known Member Verified Member

    For someone who doesn't know web design, you did great.
    Now, some tips to improve the site
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    "Use this space wisely" these words are how people find your site.
    Your site loads slow - use some compression on the pictures and other techniques to speed up the load (sometimes loading some items at the end helps - ie after other items load)
    Too much text without a break. Use bullets for important items, related pictures or images to break up the text. Less text, more pictures, drawings, images to show your point.
    The problem (introduction)
    What some of the solutions are
    What you are working on
    What needs to be done
    What help you need
    How to help
    hope this helps
  7. esd5001

    esd5001 New Member

    Wow you did a REALLY good job!!! It looks VERY professional!
  8. kwunited

    kwunited New Member

    Damn that looks good! But as posted, too much info on your 1st page.
  9. Moutios

    Moutios New Member

    As all the others said, too much information for the 1st page.

    But if someone checks your site, I believe he would be very satisfied. In the articles you are using simple, understandable language, nice pictures, very nice work, well done.

    Perhaps, the term farmer's website is a little misleading, as there are a lot of articles about fishing as well, maybe you could add it.

    Keep up the nice work!
  10. dannofthursday86

    dannofthursday86 New Member

    good website easy navigation any way good work....
  11. OldH

    OldH New Member

    Nice site, but probably a bit to much information lower down the page.

    And that sound effect scared the creepers out of me. :p
  12. senore

    senore New Member

    Wow, this is nice. But I'd suggest you ease up on the tonnes of information on the home page as it will cause a delay in uploading. I also think you should minimise on the inofrmation and re- design your links, it kinda makes it look like a search result with all the options.

    But all in all the layout is great as well as the colour selections. I wouldnt have done better.
  13. AlecEinWindir

    AlecEinWindir New Member

    Yes, I find your website much interesting.

    However, I do agree that the front page is a little to full of information. If I were you, I would create seperate page titled "About De Oro Farm" or something along those lines. And then I would put more organization structure as to describing who you are, what your mission is, what kind of food and produce does your farm grow, etc.

    But your site is nice. It's edgy and I enjoy the 3-D House animation, it gives off the feel of a professional company.

    Overall, great job for someone who claims to not know web design! :D
  14. islabucasgrande

    islabucasgrande New Member

    I am deeply moved by your comments. I will complete the websites tuning after I am through with my next site which is now a product site. Actually I never knew how in the world my site gets PR 3 when in fact it is only up and running for only around 3 months after creation (now it's on its 6th). Any idea?
  15. Lyns

    Lyns New Member

    Great job with the site. If I were looking for a fish-farming site, I wouldn't be disappointed. I really don't want to repeat what others before me said, but I agree that the text on the front is pretty heavy. I tried reading through it and quit a few paragraphs in. Now, if this were something I was incredibly interested, I probably would have stayed for a few more paragraphs, but to be honest most people see homepages as a doorway. You don't usually just stand in a doorway and linger, you walk through and into the home (your site). Visitors just aren't programmed to stay on the homepage, they want to get to the navigation bar quickly and move on in. With that in mind, I'd take all of the helpful and well-thought info off the first page and find a good tab to put it in. Maybe an "about" tab?

    The only other thing I can come up with right off the bat is the navigation bar is a little crowded. It seems like the text tabs should be shortened to one or two, maybe three words... not sentences and phrases. Also, is there anyway that you could move the add above the navigation bar below it? All those links are being hidden!

    Anyhow, great site. You are a on the right track!
  16. Techie

    Techie New Member

    I don't like the typography for that content on your homepage. I think you should space it out more from the images and you might want to consider using another font. I don't know why but that just caught me as odd when I first saw your page. I can't tell if it's the size or font or something else that's bugging me.

    But your site looks amazing for a first time webmaster!
  17. LibertyisFree

    LibertyisFree New Member

    Very Nice Site

    I like it!
    Very excellent flash header and aesthetic appearance on the landing page. However, it did load kind of slow at first... I had the same problem with my site (libertywebmarketingandseo.com) when I implemented a flash header, but I solved it with a plugin. Seeing that you also utilize a wordpress theme there are plugins available: "wpcompressor" or "optimize-scripts" are two excellent remedial options for slow-loading issues?
    The navigation and structure are also very appealing.

    From an SEO standpoint the site is doing very good! The site has been assigned a PR3, and your overall SEO score is 90% (Look at "Site Profile" tab here: http://whois.domaintools.com/deorofarmers.com)

    Great Job!

  18. Wanderer

    Wanderer Member

    Looks good to me, easy enough to navigate..... Miby to much on the home page tho, think its the longest webpage Iv been on in a while lol

    Good job tho, Iv recently been learning html etc for the past week and if i can get to that standard soon id be more than happy :)