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Discussion in 'Reviews' started by a3578681@nepwk.com, Sep 10, 2011.

  1. a3578681@nepwk.com

    a3578681@nepwk.com New Member

    Hi guys,

    I've tried to make a template which uses fixed width without tables.
    It's an informative site about the rules of texas hold'em poker.

    Please have a look here: Pokerinfo - Home.

    Do you think this is the right page width ? Or too wide for some screen resolutions ? And do you think the green works out well ?

    Thanks in advance!
    Best Regards.
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  2. nonexistent

    nonexistent New Member

    Sure, the green works out okay. But the letters count be a size bigger. Page widths seems okay on my widescreen laptop.
  3. gennady7

    gennady7 New Member

    The advertisement below the link table looks weird. It makes the page longer than it needs to be. Maybe you should spread them to both sides. The website looks pretty cool but I also agree that the text is very small. I hate to have to zoom into pages because the text is too small.
    Otherwise, great job. I really like the name and the website definitely has potential.
  4. BillyC

    BillyC New Member

    I agree with nonexistent, the text should be a size bigger, but I also think problem with the width should be solved. Actually all users who will visit your site might not have a widescreen monitor, so please see in this matter.
  5. mvasquez547

    mvasquez547 New Member

    The site looks good, however my suggestion on the green and white color scheme doesn't pop. Since the site is for "Texas Hold Em" perhaps some Texas state colors such as red and blues with white background.
  6. a3578681@nepwk.com

    a3578681@nepwk.com New Member

    Thanks for the suggestions.
    I've made the text size bigger. Is this readable enough ?
    I will take the color suggestion in mind, but reds and blues usually dont work out really well.
  7. Donisthorpe FC

    Donisthorpe FC New Member

    I dont know anything about poker or cant read different languages but the site looks good and fits perfect on my widescreen monitor :)
  8. Driver

    Driver New Member

    Try a black or really dark grey background with white text.

    Looks really nice I think. Clean and to the point!!
  9. Enclavean

    Enclavean Member

    Looks kinda plain too me.... it may be just be me but i prefer to see pictures and more and graphics on the home page.

    Maybe adding a picture of some power chips under all the texts on the home page?
  10. stephneenee

    stephneenee New Member

    The green in the background was fine but I had a hard time seeing the green words on the white on my screen!

    The width worked out perfectly on my screen!

    Best of luck!
  11. a3578681@nepwk.com

    a3578681@nepwk.com New Member

    Thanks! I will look into the visibillity of links.
  12. LGM

    LGM New Member

    site looks fine i would just make the green background cover the behind of POKERINFO at top with the diagonal lines. also try to get a crisper picture for the cards on front an bring them in a bit from the edge of the page.
  13. Can't read the language but the site looks good visually. Good luck!!
  14. missk226

    missk226 New Member

    Like the background colors but definetly agree that you need more graphics to pop! Your logo looks good but otherwise the pages are very plain other than the hand page and I like that you added graphics of the cards there. On a seperate note why did you use a orange divider for some of the entries (sorry can't read them)? That doesn't look very appealing to me - even black would be better! Otherwise its a good start!
  15. Jjacksonjackson

    Jjacksonjackson New Member

    Well The Site Should Be Obviously Good To Attract More Customers And As Poker Is Amazing Game To Play With The Site Should Be Graphical And User Friendly !! :)
  16. I reviewed site, and I love the colors, and navigation!
  17. ThatAfricanBoy

    ThatAfricanBoy New Member

    Not a big pokerman myself, but the website was not at all what I expected; normally we expect poker sites with big red flashing colors, and dark color schemes, but seeing a website with such a different layout was great! I worked really nicely and gave the entire site a very professional feel. I really wish I could understand the text, but regardless I think more images and java or flash effects would definitely help. Navigation is easy and simple, and no technical issues with the site so far; good job!
  18. Tom Hooker

    Tom Hooker New Member


    Maybe add some poker chips or £$ notes on the sides (Outer screen). as stated above it looks a bit plain on the sides. Navigation is good. If you clicked on the site, would you wanna play? I would give it a go if I played poker.