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Websites pls review my website www.uugold.cn

Discussion in 'Reviews' started by hyzjb, Mar 1, 2008.

  1. hyzjb

    hyzjb New Member

    Name of Site/Business: uugold freebies

    Site's Main Purpose: Information

    Please Review the following:
    Does the home page sufficiently convince people to go further into the site?

    Additional Comments/Notes
    i've started a new site called freebies |free stuff|free host|free music|free domain|free games|free samples for freebies ,free stuff etc.
    Could you give me some feedback or suggestion. Thanks very much!
  2. Riley

    Riley New Member

    very confusing and have to clue what to do. is it just to get people to give you money from affiliations?
  3. Linx

    Linx Member

    Frankly speaking, the home page makes me leave as soon as possible, no offense! The site seems too busy and messy, it is overwhelmed with a lot of ads, what irritates a bit. You said that the main purpose of the site is information, but actually it's difficult to comprehend what site is about and it's hard to take some useful information from it. Sorry to say that.

    Good luck!
  4. hyzjb

    hyzjb New Member

    thanks for ur feedback,ill edit it soon
  5. cyberquest

    cyberquest New Member

    for what its worth, I'm one that likes your site..

    However, in addition to what you already have, I'd suggest to add in the footer the usual copyrights .. the links - about us - TOS (terms of service) - your site services - tell a friend - and maybe add "about us" in a permanent article some where on your home page - possibly linking to the above mentioned links and site updates with in your article. The idea here is to draw attention to what your website is about, what it offers, have it plain view and easy to locate.

    It would'nt hurt to add the links - about us - your site services and tell a friend - some where on the top of your site if you could find the room.
  6. emilypal

    emilypal New Member

    I would say your site looks not bad but it could look much better if you improve it a little bit.
    A picture of men with a laptop doesn’t look well. I mean you should change its size so it could look properly.
    While you offer me to read adds by Google I would prefer to read what your site is about.
    I’m a little bit confused because I see a lot of links at your home page but I can’t find any explanation what you offer to your site visitors :eek:
    Probably I would perceive the main idea of your site in a case I browse it a bit longer. Though most site viewers prefer to catch the main idea of the site they enter at a glance.
  7. hyzjb

    hyzjb New Member

    thanks all.well i don't speak English pretty well, but I'll try my best ^^,this is my first website in english,in order to make my website look more beautiful ill accept ur suggestion

    with best regards
  8. Jusenal

    Jusenal New Member

    Hi hi hi ! ! !
    I wonder, what do you think this website ? Everyone answers that this site is OK, nice, good and wonderful. I think that your site will develop more and more.