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Websites please take a look on my website

Discussion in 'Reviews' started by golden1, Nov 2, 2012.

  1. golden1

    golden1 New Member

    hello my friend . i need your opinion about my site template THE DAILY ECONOMIST (eco-magazin.blogspot com) i do not know what i do . thanks
  2. andlosek

    andlosek New Member

    Your site is a good one from Content management. Have touch of professionalism and expertness. Can you please share from where you grave this awesome template.
  3. Clint Davies

    Clint Davies Member

    Quite like it as very informative plus easy on the eye :)
  4. Brendan Kenny

    Brendan Kenny New Member

    Yep looks good to me, there is a good flow with plenty of content
  5. deadmix

    deadmix Member

    not bad, even though the sidebar content make a big scroll down.. so try to fix that... goodluck
  6. Roni Rumsey

    Roni Rumsey New Member

    Here are my thoughts. I like the bright colors, but there is a ton on that page. It seems that the topics on the right sidebar could either be the one liner or the article, not both. Also, is there a way to rotate the content off the page so you don't keep scrolling into old articles? Lastly, the left side bar has way too much on it for me. Do you really need all the fluff that is there......

    Just my thoughts.
  7. CharlieBeach4

    CharlieBeach4 New Member

    i agrees that it has too much on the left side, and looks complicated. but the colours and outlay looking good!!
  8. Anderson Law

    Anderson Law New Member

    Too much of empty space, too much to scroll so it's painful to navigate, and there is no content. I would also do something with ads.. annoyingly too many of them, so overall - website is not attractive, sorry :(
  9. Turtletello

    Turtletello New Member

    Seems a bit smushed together. I don't get the article next to the article with the gray text on black background.